A More Obnoxious Video Than 'Friday'

The "Friday" producers unleash the newest viral sensation, "Chinese Food."
2:56 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A More Obnoxious Video Than 'Friday'
Makes time I think most people familiar with that video by Rebecca Black Friday it's -- -- it's. Had a hand -- -- and maybe most obnoxious video Walt time there's just something about it I'm just -- pull your hair out -- scream and then take a newspaper. Cracker of -- the head well. I'm looking at this link and it's billed as more obnoxious than that I said there's no way Bob. I think it might be it's a tie or it might even be more obnoxious and -- it's done by ark music factory the producers who put on. That last production product price it's the same people behind this. It's about Chinese food. There's a new girl singing a player name in a minute let's watch. I love Chinese -- you know it's true whether prime writes I love noodles I looked down main challenge Newton me. Brilliant stuff where -- -- -- -- can't about a -- Patrice Wilson the man responsible for Friday Rebecca black song and the song might be good -- -- in -- is that not. One area is death threats involve various. -- -- and all the way to the bank -- that planned the woman's name the young girl's name is Allison gold. Chinese food get ready yourself and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot -- this week. By the -- -- comes exactly like professional wanted to bomb dogs yanks. OK so check us that we all have problems either getting in getting out of parking spot right on me yeah -- -- -- that Republicans -- Video lady birthday -- her car an extraordinary. People are -- that we sped up video here for you. There she is trying to get out she -- Get -- itself this is almost hard -- out and well what she's. Three pointers but now in the united going -- -- -- -- 140. That's an Austin Powers Amory musing that little nine. -- -- -- Yeah when all she really didn't just cut right around that. Right from the McIntyre there -- any other person who is in -- that they -- buying than she is now stuck waiting for her to get. That goes beyond. Bad driving that's like well at all dissidents like my wife I don't know what that solved -- the -- -- the only reason we know is -- that this is a woman. If not hard to ensure that it wasn't a yes. But it I wanted nothing. Speech yeah. Yeah cute little houses finish. Carolyn -- -- This is -- there's -- new restaurant in Los Angeles called the magic restroom Caffe take a look. It is a toilet themed -- there are dishes called down golden proof which is -- -- constipation. -- with soybean paste like -- which is break.

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{"id":20583981,"title":"A More Obnoxious Video Than 'Friday'","duration":"2:56","description":"The \"Friday\" producers unleash the newest viral sensation, \"Chinese Food.\"","url":"/WNN/video/obnoxious-video-friday-20583981","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}