Oprah Offers an Apology

Oprah Winfrey regrets uproar over incident at Swiss store.
3:49 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Oprah Offers an Apology
-- into the skinny everybody's so starting with an update on that Oprah Winfrey story which -- kind of got a whole lot of attention says she essentially said that she went to a boutique in Switzerland. And she was told by a woman in the store that she couldn't afford a handbag that she -- -- disable that. -- rocketed around the country and around the world as. Then figuring out all of -- was the victim of racial profiling -- now. Though woman that the shot came not to say that just wasn't the case -- reported that yesterday and -- is saying she's sorry. -- -- -- -- -- I can't easily do on engineering student and I'm sorry that I sing some excellent I was just -- for singing that -- -- -- As an example -- being in a place where people don't expect that you. Need to be able to meaning. So it's starting to sound a little bit like maybe she wasn't a victim of racial profiling because she didn't come out and say. Notice how the woman said he can't afford that bag because of the way I look now she's saying I apologize that I blew it up I apologize that it's become. A media frenzy that's emerged from all of -- so. While an apology I don't know that it's a straight out number one admission maybe that it never really happened -- number two. An apology to the woman and saying I'm sorry that all this happened because I think. Time we'll take its Oprah hey whatever he's. The FF FF FF -- All right here's a potentially awkward moment Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie yeah famous -- there -- Time and Brad Pitt BS apparently we're about to be booked on domestic first class over the -- and London rule when somebody notices. Yeah apparently. From analytics to London's Heathrow on Sunday night well placed -- at Heathrow says that they realize it might be awkward they called the different camps. Apparently -- Jennifer and Angelina knew nothing about it. But they. Scheduled Jennifer on different flights -- they wouldn't you get that first class. And cat what does it. And I didn't. Pop open a couple winds and shake it all out you know -- I don't think Iraq. We're OK so speaking of -- are saying -- topic of the Jennifer isn't this like Jennifer -- and so we know that she was in Hunger Games silver linings playbook so on the cover of -- will she gave an interview to vote. Where -- she. -- opened up about her kind of weirdo past essentially she says that she was heavily medicated when she was younger said that she was always. Had this weird anxiety heated recess -- field trips parties stressed her out. Essentially she had kind of social anxiety feeling being around people she had married. Different sense of humor she got to be funny to jump out of an emergency. The door on a bus. Well turns out her parents are very -- so they scooped her up to -- -- therapy where she was heavily medicated for all kinds of things and it wasn't until she found acting that her parents can -- a secret conversation said she's a different girl she's happy now. And that's when she realizes her parents realize through acting she had kind of come into our own but now she's got new issues paparazzi -- following her everywhere she's feeling a little funny because she doesn't have a life that she is to have. His -- and she has some mother issues but. Obviously she's bloomed into a home. Blossomed into the back for her -- -- -- -- You know -- she stars on ABC's Grey's Anatomy what she's actually saying that she's not gonna come back to the series which is going to be a big loss to the series for sure but. That's if she is telling. -- yeah. Lost -- but -- the Hollywood reporter forces exclusively that she won't be back for the twenty. Which season has started and I can't find it but is going to be -- last seasons as if she wants to pursue other opportunities. -- --

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{"id":19954388,"title":"Oprah Offers an Apology","duration":"3:49","description":"Oprah Winfrey regrets uproar over incident at Swiss store.","url":"/WNN/video/oprah-offers-apology-19954388","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}