New Orleans Gives Warning to Northeast

A New Orleans resident gives reassurance to the Northeast in the wake of Sandy.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for New Orleans Gives Warning to Northeast
And we've been talking all week the similarities between overseeing -- hearing what the folks on the Gulf Coast. Experience. Back in 2005 Katrina and I found this online and wanted to read it to close out the -- show this -- this is a letter. From New Orleans to folks here in the northeast and reads this. -- northeast of wow that was your week about to -- potentially will continue to be so for many months but ultimately you'll come -- okay. People find a way. He will become very resourceful -- bond with your friends and neighbors in ways you never expected not a lot of love and help from the rest of us from far away to. All that -- -- -- -- ready for a fight there might be some tell you that whatever happens was punishment from god that you're an idiot for living where you live that your home should be abandoned. There will be people who tell you that your own damn fault -- say he should have known that you deserve this misery that the rest of us should not be responsible for taking care -- -- -- not worth saving. Don't listen to those people we know what you're going through -- safe if you need to call us you can stay with us as long as you need to. Because when the craft flies we are all responsible for each other. Is the only way. To survive. -- And that that. -- mean this weekend wins as we always do the Friday home. -- --

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{"id":17623875,"title":"New Orleans Gives Warning to Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"A New Orleans resident gives reassurance to the Northeast in the wake of Sandy.","url":"/WNN/video/orleans-warning-northeast-17623875","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}