Oscars Most Buzzed-About Moments on Social Media

Ellen DeGeneres received huge traffic on Twitter with a selfie taken during the show.
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Transcript for Oscars Most Buzzed-About Moments on Social Media
-- next time you still -- -- -- up. Couric -- -- -- pizza is still kind of threat wanna be rude by not eating us just brilliant that you did express all right. The Academy Awards get viewers all over the world and they get viewers. Out of this world this is really cool some astronauts on the International Space Station took time out to reflect on the Oscars they watched. We think they were rooting for and space I have a feeling I now meticulous. Time from a scheduled to -- -- movie gravity -- on the space station. And awestruck by the stabbing pistols and start -- mystery -- movie depicted. They're start by the imagery they have the best -- all of -- -- idea if they were struck by the imagery it must've been good. And they also -- at the time to congratulate the entire production crew and I -- the -- doing somersaults in the back yeah. All right -- -- with lots of other things these days last night's Oscars ceremony was all about social media for melons -- -- of the pizza. The Farrell's iconic cat all the best moments were -- And -- we and our world news now tech team is spent hours combing through the Twitter verse to bring the most popular moments of the night. Peter Martinez and teenage trend Tina one of the -- treated by Alan almost broke Twitter right. Yeah Marcy this was definitely. Tweet. Of the night. And -- these are huge trend right now and Alan just ran with it. Gathered everyone around you name it they were there Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper who apparently needs a longer arm. Meryl -- everybody gathered in for this. Often -- -- that got reits we did. 2.2. Plus million times over -- actually beat out. The most -- -- be treated tweet on record which was Barack Obama sweep back in 2012 look for four more years so this was definitely. Buzz for the entire night. If you go online right now -- this way everybody's talking about his way everybody's tweeting about it so it was he felt he hasn't really cool IP. -- -- -- -- -- -- Meant fish -- -- confesses get right to them. I had I had -- some of the best tweets that have gone out kind of mocking them whole stealthy movement the first one here. If he can tell the photo bomb in the back that was all of cat and they're -- -- be cat here in the next line. Is. I'm an Indian of course isn't really my -- so. The Internet did not waste any time kind of parenting this -- -- And dig into the pizza it's still -- well -- guys thanks so much.

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{"id":22748398,"title":"Oscars Most Buzzed-About Moments on Social Media","duration":"3:00","description":"Ellen DeGeneres received huge traffic on Twitter with a selfie taken during the show.","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-2014-buzzed-moments-social-media-22748398","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}