Oscars 2014: Social Media Recap

ABC News' Peter Martinez has the social media reaction to Hollywood's biggest night!
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars 2014: Social Media Recap
-- -- starting -- John Travolta taken quite a hit on social media -- sent. Yeah well he had this major flub up and I think we have a tape that we want to play. At that exact moment. From the Oscar winning animated movie frozen. Please welcome the which should be talented women and only. It is does he. And -- he meant that they had -- and then fell. Who who is gonna go out this thing letting go of that song that we kept hearing all week long. We want to show you two of the Twitter handles that have come out. There is -- your dream. And also. The other one -- -- I mean -- commend them. That sound like fruits. -- -- of -- -- -- -- actually rather critique on. On his performance. -- -- -- the viewers saying about the red carpet looks at the top that over tort ABC news tech team and social media editor Peter Martinez. Peter what looks to the -- -- like -- last night. Well as we -- out there there -- many looks one of them with Liza Minnelli at this really wasn't her night her hair was a little. Blew her dress was blew it just kind of collapse. We'll take a look at a full screen here that was the moment we did the -- the and -- just. Wasn't quite in it so right there Allan had a moment to get -- Very little fifteen seconds of fame honors. Twitter account we have some -- or comments about -- I know. John you just work really feeling. Her outfit that night but -- Viewers at home on our FaceBook page Christmas that's just like we've all predicted -- this hilarious she needs to host all award shows and had me laughing the whole time and Lola. Had this when you are brilliant your smile was infectious -- your humor is so funny. You bring joy to so many you -- the bad. It's great a lot of great moment that I'm glad to see all of the praise for Allan because usually it's great she is optional lot of chances gone out there in the audience and she really now that. As with lots of other things these days last night's Oscar ceremony was all about social media for Melancon -- picks -- -- of the pizza. To Farrell's iconic cat all the best moments were tweedy and. And -- -- our world news now tech team -- spent hours combing through the Twitter verse to bring out the most popular moments of the night. Peter Martinez and Tina trend Tina one of the -- treated by Alan almost broke Twitter right. Yeah Marcy this was definitely. Tweet of the night. -- -- these are huge trend right now and Alan just ran with it. Gathered everyone around you name it they were there Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper who apparently needs a longer arm. Meryl Streep everybody gathered in for this. Often -- -- that got reits we did. 2.2. Plus million times over in actually beat out. The most from ET three treated tweet on record which was Barack Obama sweep back -- -- -- -- for four more years so this was definitely. Buzz for the entire night if you go online right now -- this way everybody's talking about his way everybody's tweeting about so it was he felt heat of the night. Pretty cool -- Itself -- spawned a whole move. -- Fisher did -- to -- right to them. I had I -- take some of the best tweets that have gone out kind of mocking them whole stealthy movement the first one here. If he can tell the photo bomb in the back that was all of cat in the -- cat here in the next July and is. I'm -- Indian of course isn't -- my -- so. The Internet did not waste any time kind of parenting this. All of them. And digging into the pizza until well.

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{"id":22748900,"title":"Oscars 2014: Social Media Recap","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Peter Martinez has the social media reaction to Hollywood's biggest night!","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-2014-recap-peter-martinez-world-news-now-22748900","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}