Oscars Pricey Swag Bags

Even losers walk away from the Academy Awards with goodie bags worth $45,000.
2:54 | 02/25/13

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Transcript for Oscars Pricey Swag Bags
Already welcome everybody to them that they're having a very interesting conversation -- and you'll see why in just if you -- president candidate so we honor the winners of the Oscars got this incredible -- -- get all kind of stuff really -- things well if you didn't know Bernanke now loses its side next to really 45000 dollars in order was. Good point but doesn't. Losers -- -- blue blues -- yeah it's it's -- any plumbing it's very 350 dollars shares from Carly does brands. That's one of them moved 121000 dollar vacation to Australia Mexico depending on which when you wanna get to sell limited edition pay -- -- from -- that death south. How you can got an Academy Awards you can -- and still walk away. I would Wear those ugly sneakers just so people asking like optimism of those -- got from the Academy Awards went to -- -- last -- Let's talk about Botox and procedures like this apparently Americans prefer -- he's been sitting on other bills -- tough times people still spending on. Surgeries and plastic surgeries and -- -- only minimally if they. Invasive surgeries as they say now that the figures are all up apparently and they rose 5% in the last year and people happy to get these chemical peels Botox laser hair removal cosmetic surgical procedures are actually going down. 2%. They're reading since that implant is still number one -- breast reduction permit. Are still number one among the surgical procedures but the not -- -- procedures are skyrocketing. And they're doing this instead of paying their health yes that's what's that. Still here's something that you guys are going to be talking about all day after telling TO here there are coming on to New Jersey now there's an -- in -- -- 832 years old. Police stopped ten sell marijuana said hey can we check McCarthy -- -- they found nothing they still arrested him on an outstanding warrant -- -- in the courthouse I'm designing and at least half. They do an internal and an external check and -- back. -- -- are being 100. Bags. Of marijuana in his. -- where the -- -- -- I sent the word hundred back pains and how do you do that. He's threatening -- -- Of the girl next door -- Instead I thought let's talk -- everybody apparently there's a new book out that sort of answers everything you want an output of this picture this is a member. Amalgamated now that put everything together -- this is what supposedly the average porn -- looks like conventions been given a name she's not real she's. Compilation of all these people of the book is called deep inside -- -- of 101000 pounds. This is what the average one would look like -- -- five foot 770 about a Caucasian women let me just -- -- some things their job brought sighs you might think -- sneak up. Now the average cup is more like. B and -- All the stuff we got all -- -- rattling these things off towards teen milk and -- comment first second and third and searches and I got so much more excited. You -- a little -- I know you want -- now. It's good stuff good -- that.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Even losers walk away from the Academy Awards with goodie bags worth $45,000.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18587431","title":"Oscars Pricey Swag Bags","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-pricey-swag-bags-18587431"}