Palestinian anger heats up ahead of Friday prayers

ABC News' Molly Hunter has the latest after two days of rage in the West Bank. Friday could be a turning point.
3:25 | 12/08/17

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Transcript for Palestinian anger heats up ahead of Friday prayers
The Palestinians are calling their reactions president trumps Jerusalem announcement. Three days of rain let's go right to ABC's Molly hunter in Jerusalem Mali. Joining us there live now didn't yesterday's protest. What does this mean for today. Kazakh and good morning that's right yesterday was date to of these apparently three days of rage we are out there in Ramallah pretty big protest several thousand Palestinian protesters. Clashing with the Israeli military there as you jet sock but this is pretty widespread even know each individual protest what that massive they took place all across the west bank and in god that. And people are saying yesterday could be an indication of something much larger today at the flashpoint were watching for is the hours after Friday prayers which happens very shortly. Kind of fanned and Molly this thing called three days of rage palace is expected to call me. I mean today could be the attorney when we may find I'd say whether it actually fizzled out or whether it ramps that not Diana PA is under serious pressure. To either cut ties with the US and walk away from any relationship I with the US in any relationship with the US brokered he's hot and we may find out more in the coming days and Kenneth. Molly speaking of that relationship with the US received reports of Palestinian officials refusing to meet with vice president pence. I'm when he visits there at the end of the mark what are you hearing. Ed that's right so last night one very senior Palestinian officials said the Palestinians will not under any circumstances meet with Mike and however another Palestinian officials said that some needs to be business got but I think both might be getting ahead of President Abbas napping from his office yet no confirmation. No comment president bot has however. Gone to the UN asking for support there to reverse president tramps decision and there will be a UN Security Council meeting later today. Thank had a reminded declaration is done but this isn't actually gonna happen for quite some time at least the moving of the embassies so what are the hopes that somehow there can be a middle ground of some sort is there one. I think that's anyone's guess thanking his recognition was so vague yes the embassy is going to take months and months probably years actually it's can be incredibly expensive building one of that embassy the embassy in Tel Aviv right at that is eight. Portrait that even find that land hire the architect. At figure at this security this is a long long process. So if there's a middle ground if something could happen or could stop them before that Annie went after it. The Molly as you pointed out Odyssey former Israeli officials in the prime minister obviously. Positive fan. Get thoughts that they've been talking about about president's first trump some. Announcement as far as president trop and how he's been received in this news. At what what are we hearing about people say about president trumps specifically. Look I've covered the region for several years at the anti American sentiment at least here in the west bank and eastern slam has been higher than it has in the last couple of years. And we actually heard reports a couple of days ago that the State Department. Actually reached out Israel and thank god please tamper your reaction to this announcement help us do damage control health let's head up and tamp down. Any anti American sentiment across the region the State Department has beefed up security at embassies across the region. Very worried at that anti American sentiment could culminate could really kind of heat up later today at those Friday prayers. So it's something you know they're watching very closely here in trying to head off an any possible way they can. Rather we know you'll be watching closely as well Molly hunter for us live from Jerusalem Molly thank you are thank you.

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{"id":51665004,"title":"Palestinian anger heats up ahead of Friday prayers ","duration":"3:25","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter has the latest after two days of rage in the West Bank. Friday could be a turning point.","url":"/WNN/video/palestinian-anger-heats-ahead-friday-prayers-51665004","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}