Pamela Anderson to Run NYC Marathon

Star to run her first marathon to raise money for Sean Penn's Haitian Relief Organization.
2:46 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Pamela Anderson to Run NYC Marathon
New York City Marathon coming up in November. Pamela Anderson. 46 years old mom Baywatch babe yeah she's gonna run marathon up first time first time that you -- -- the -- a lot of training but she says she's gonna. Get ready -- will say -- She can do things that -- how -- she puts her mind to it she can do it and this is out of the daily news by the -- the New York Daily News. I'm not saying this is part of the article she says surprisingly she only needs one sports bra had -- outside yes. So I figured out yet she movie I'm supported me every kind of I don't mind body and -- but apparently she's volunteering for two do this to raise 500000 dollars she's trying to raise the money for Sean Penn's. Haitian relief organizations to cut has yet to great cross provides -- victims of the country's 2010 earthquake in their homes and health care much schooling. -- says quote people say I don't know what I'm getting into -- that's kind of the story of my life and I'm just gonna go with it she says I haven't really run before -- never even really rip across the street before we've -- -- -- open if they want -- definitely. After running right out of date she says you're out on the stair master in the -- today that she's gonna start some real training she's got five weeks to go -- -- I had another city -- should know what I'm. Snow Oprah Winfrey -- she was thinking about having a show on her own Oprah Winfrey network we've Lindsay Lohan. -- she talks about how she's getting into the car and get deciding whether or not you know -- to keep it real she's keeping it real and another aspect to she admits. In an interview with Access Hollywood the -- near. Nervous breakdown. And she -- symptoms and she was interviewing. You -- -- 2012. She was interviewing Jason Russell from that movement and he was describing his symptoms of breaking down she's like check mark check mark checked -- would -- sound pretty similar. And she. Realized she needed to help you know it's an amazing -- -- woman of her. Incredible composure and intelligence and accomplishments. Say that hey I was close to have a breakdown that's kind of I don't -- it's somewhat reassuring in a strange way that that. Everybody gets that feeling now when that right she -- taken a lot of fat responsibilities that movie the Butler and absolutely but yes -- gosh that network of course. Speaking of Oprah. Put up the picture just just another night out the car best chance came out they were Kanye West tensions hanging out with some. Hey let's just. Up business -- contact -- ditty and music producer Jimmy I'll be right. Not so bad. Are they went out and she wrote -- no big deal when she posted that honesty Graham but it he actually thinks he's here sarcastic even she knows that's a big deal when -- hanging out although -- oh Lola S she's. Say go Oprah it is -- people like Kim Kardashian plunged six -- you should go to -- -- looks about like compassion anyway.

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{"id":20341320,"title":"Pamela Anderson to Run NYC Marathon","duration":"2:46","description":"Star to run her first marathon to raise money for Sean Penn's Haitian Relief Organization.","url":"/WNN/video/pamela-anderson-run-nyc-marathon-20341320","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}