Perfect Scores and an Elimination on 'DWTS'

2 couples received perfect scores and Danica McKellar goes home on "Dancing With The Stars."
7:03 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Perfect Scores and an Elimination on 'DWTS'
I -- Max -- and we start with ABC's Dancing With The Stars first of all some people. Faction in the ballroom must you have something pretty -- -- -- along with our partners of course received permits for. Unfortunately it out someone's always gotta go home and when the time came it was panic in the Keller and her partner -- -- were shown the door. It's been amazing had an amazing and I learned so my 2000 credible peace cheering right occurring in the -- attended recently cool characters and seems like it -- -- yeah. All right Nomura ball trophy for them as the five bears still remaining now get really serious next week it was time for the semi finals and art when you hear that phrase -- anyone who's anyone is there. The probably talk about the annual met gala to fund raiser for the metropolitan museum. Costume Institute here in New York. And it is the literally a parade of the stars of vogue editor in chief and fashion leader and a winter. Just the dress code based on one designer's work and this year was Charles James -- designer who blazed trails in the thirties forties and fifties. I was known for his sexy yet sophisticated ball -- out. All right so let's get a closer look at some of the most cool and creative. Styles. Check -- out on the left. -- -- and young -- wearing -- there pretty cool looking. The graphics sort of may -- almost looks super -- ask. And -- sat on the creative time yet everything in the show is the economy -- yeah. I didn't think it's sort of the point OK I think the three that are a little bit on -- one of those sites such an -- and by the way in the medals she. -- is red tape but it's a beautiful -- I'm just not sure what stone for her figure. What you -- and exposed to begin about there yeah. -- seeing it and Sarah Jessica Parker she -- some Oscar de la Renta. All right here's another. A group of girls even though are some classical fare is Charlize Theron and Sean Penn her mentally -- -- -- -- -- Also known as Dell museum wearing Donna Karen they're beautiful and others that she always looked so elegant it is very young age -- and on and -- once again. I don't have it. -- have some interesting blogs I think about -- -- Santa Barbara district calling interesting even -- secretly want to say we don't like me who -- had an outright but let's start out Kristen Stewart she's wearing Chanel. -- There is prison -- she gonna try to say what she's saying but it looks like she's listening I think that death -- the death star cast are inspired I'm not sure feel that I had Maggie Gyllenhaal. That would. -- -- I would -- it's -- -- like Star Trek like from the original nineteen William -- sixty series did you like I tell you right -- a couple more interesting air quotes if you don't mind just as there. Click -- -- she's wearing this red and white kind of look like Czech Nicole Richie wearing Donna -- to pepper -- about ten very how -- and -- Alaska and apparently. Mary Kate and Ashley -- there you have them -- wearing their usual. Burlap sacks -- -- business and -- Neil Patrick Harris little couples category here whose husband. David -- What what what talkers say it's hard to come -- on -- down but I think what might of those tales of the white -- yeah and that's and didn't short pants to the kind of like. Like flood -- and and -- the same grade school and the white Michael Jackson fox. I'm telling -- things -- right. Beyoncé and Jay-Z U -- -- looking stunning as usual my goodness all right -- blood Johnny Depp right here in Ralph Lauren. He's nice and look at the look at yes he's got back pain and he's an amber heard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely positively and social media having some fun with some of these fashions for sure ticking on this for example according to -- stole her right from bell at a beauty activities and I have to say I agree to -- celebs that fashion going from had to -- literally. We want to show you are about -- on the red carpets. All her hair probably in -- -- for all sat. It's scary morning for one countries rising stars Scotty mccreery and some friends of the victims of a home invasion style robbery in the wee hours Monday morning. -- the home is not very far from North Carolina State North Carolina State that's right where McCrary is finishing up his sophomore year the thieves made off with cash electronic items and wallets. Thankfully no one was hurt our next up I think it's a little hot here the feeling that he won't feel I have -- -- here is maybe why check it out. Whoa whoa wow oh that's. They do that that was going to be called a -- -- clown he's. They are -- raised fish English. Just twenty want to. She looks amazing we don't know what the music sounds like but it's as hot as the picture -- do just fine AKA going on sale June 17. All right rumor has it we could be hearing something new from -- marries him. The British pop star turn 26 yesterday as she treated cryptic message that has everyone guessing she said -- 25 to see you again later this here. Nortel's first two albums -- named nineteen and 21 for her age at the time so isn't column titled 25 on the way question mark. Korean standoff fans can't wait to hear her belt cuts need to achieve that some time off to have surgery -- -- vocal -- back in 2011 -- and gave birth to a baby -- eighteen months ago. Part because they don't get to see nearly enough the card -- and very -- we wanna share picture that -- instead grabbed. Of course this is called his waist like us. I think yes that small very small the caption on the photo by the way hasn't -- that she says I love my waist train yes he's trenor had -- -- thing. We did a lot of digging and it's apparently a court sent the promises to reduce your waistline about six inches don't stop acting like you and I don't. He's I don't know about this. Shane -- -- showing me your race trainer before oh yes you're right to being. I just trying to figure that out there -- -- in recent high for a long overdue honor her Hollywood icon Sally Field she finally has a star on the walk of fame career of course started right here on ABC -- You did when she was just seventeen -- is also in the latest vitamin -- which means that she ended. On Monday. And a small screens for fifty years we have to say congratulations to her and I am not. Say I am surprised that is to get us fund for her right now. -- -- she has done. Why didn't merited it slip that -- -- -- what you know our congratulations he has like props to my waist trainer by the way and seeing a little bit. This is ABC's world news now informing -- for two decades.

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{"id":23601574,"title":"Perfect Scores and an Elimination on 'DWTS'","duration":"7:03","description":"2 couples received perfect scores and Danica McKellar goes home on \"Dancing With The Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/perfect-scores-elimination-dwts-23601574","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}