Pet gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, is showing off some unique and handy gadgets for your favorite four-legged friends.
3:59 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for Pet gadgets
We're checking out some unique at handy gadgets for when you're heading out into the sunshine Whittier four legged friend. Our gives whiz Dick DeBartolo joins us now good morning that how aria. I'm great moment and how about you. I'm doing well this first gadget though I swear hats have gone through shark tank it's very. Multifaceted can you break it down for us. Actually. And as you said I love gadgets that do more than one thing and this does a lot take a peek it's still multi purpose pet bottle okay carries water. He is a contender for food there is disposable bags to doggy clean up something I don't think it's clever. Is a scoop but when she used to doggie poop scoop by you gotta could get back on your water bottle I don't think so. And then a little drinking fountain if we only had a dog oh wait a minute. Oh wait a minute or is it possible that this little dog eat with like a drink of water. Well I think half half half I think Charlie does. We at love that but the scoop can go. Who oh. You don't like this yet this coupon can go and shell you Charlie's been on the show before ended Dodi backpack. Bomb well every pet owner knows that you have a pet you have pet hair everywhere so what you have threats to remove that pet hair. This is really great my area co host on the gives with Chad Johnson found that she is two cats and a lot of hair. Take a look at how this works. All you do it is. Go back and forth on the chair in shorts a little. Back and forth suburban are good. There you go that's all of my cats they're very affected it. I know and he added before he shot the video they showed me it was totally empty and just a little bit pull them that much here. Just incredible and you also have. Something to help you track at least your pets eating schedule racked. Exactly added the question always is when their multiple people. Who fled the did you feed the dog well now there's no doubt someone fed the dog take a peek. It's simple it's called did you see the dog and that's what it does it sits on the refrigerator. And a multiple people in the family contend that door is clicked on over if you can even likely that over very inexpensive. And also took a little more personal OK did you think it had did you see unit dog. He decay that you walked into what you take your medicine this is good for pets and people who take medicine because it's every day the week. And is morning noon and night. Answers everything but who let the dogs out. It's are exactly exactly what it means you take the dot out and it needs to be watched you haven't got a flat as well ray. The dish is great great use for our soda bottle and it's called the dog he shower and his talent works. Do you bring to the hawk. A two liter bottle of water while Karen. It also you know in the dense dead of summer this might just be good for everybody. And then you push this down. And they all look at this. So creative sew your Natick. It's in that need and if you line they make a mini version. That can go on the dog leash or on the your key change. And this can fit on little water bottles you can cool a few dog and it ended this middle Osama I think. And you would like to have this just to cool yourself full. I was very expensive for man's best friend and for man. Well Dick britney's another unique and handy pet gadgets we can visit your website had his whiz dot biz as well as our own website W and and fans dot com. Is Liz Dick DeBartolo think is so much for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Thank him see you in the park CNN.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, is showing off some unique and handy gadgets for your favorite four-legged friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77161174","title":"Pet gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/pet-gadgets-77161174"}