Pet gadgets for the holiday season

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo stops by to share some amazing gift ideas your pets will enjoy!
3:00 | 11/28/17

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Transcript for Pet gadgets for the holiday season
Sometimes pet parents need a little help and Tek manufactures are answering the call. Is with deet DeBartolo is here with the latest gadgets to help keep. You are furry friends happy. And Dick we are very special guests with us today MO one of our products give up I wondering what's on my shoulder the answer is. It's a little and guess isn't. Did. It's fray Thursday it has been hanging out let me. So this is I knew we had a rabbit so I build a web search and I found in the Rangel LK. In light and doesn't it does a little kid in the bottom there's a mesh to look at this a little pocket for you phone or food. And it's easy way to carry Patton it's just eighteen bucks on Amazon it's quite handy that. During classically honor where quick Justice Souter asked the press how are you ready that's absolutely banks canola here we have something. Hauled him. Might be bused there aren't so this is not for frank. But for dogs and the clean their Paul exactly like that you throw a little bit of water in their they have these soft silicone. Fingers in there. You dip dip poisoned shake it around another aspirin actually yeah exactly exactly and it's three sizes and a eleven dollars and up. Thus hall meeting on this really neat so. This company said cats don't drink enough water because they want. Clean fresh water. They're picking their pet hate anyone six and I think is that they want a man unit had had gone so this is the little I can. And that fountain. And their two filters in their civil war the circulates a cancer of clean water to drink from. It's about 25 dollars probably enticing them to drink a little bit to more interesting right exactly and they for thirty dollars and make won twice as Hollywood. Twice the amount of water Susan because a cold night need to leash in this uses fiber optic company detonated kind of ethical. Yes it's an L Levy and plot in the dark or light egg all yeah so that now so that you are seen. And your pet is seen in years you want done or rain here also prepares for exactly they come in three different cultures and their 120 father. This idea is very clever they're cold pet scans she who. And what it is he's especially the issue of the art to put kills him. Do blood tastes good in that you know why my dog snagged I want Charlie I did not treat yes they are. My dog chili let's debate can one's best but he wolf down a couple of these so the trick is give them one as a treat. Then put the pill in and then close it. And you'll eat like a treat married tricky case so they make and I district county and two. You could try that. How Linear view. This event by event and event said that cats like to hunt. So this is a way for the cat the hunt in the living room you get a train frank wants to hunt all OK the get a train. Malisse. You put food in here dry food and when they roll around they see all when you push it food comes out. Then you start putting food in the little mice and hide them and now they have a little game to go around the house and when they. Hit the mice over I think frankly flew again on earth does he like picking that you want to see if you want. One NAFTA panel cannot grant a Saturday. And it comes a little stupid five mile. Five mice and the little train thing. And that's do you have a meal out of Dolan two to forgive and interact with your pet yes these are also great holiday gifts little stocking absolutely. Absolutely I'll be back go with some holiday stuff but I thought. Any one of these is is a good gift for and that's a little gift for frank these are great in Frankfurt much in Joyce's his new back. Did Liz Dickey Marcello it's always great having you want to get a check out to excite his whizzed up this. Or Denny and fans that come. We will parent you're right Fred but fraying. They kept its.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo stops by to share some amazing gift ideas your pets will enjoy!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51427086","title":"Pet gadgets for the holiday season","url":"/WNN/video/pet-gadgets-holiday-season-51427086"}