Pianist Shines as His Own Duet Partner

Japanese pianist Yoshiki performed alongside a hologram version of himself at SXSW show.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Pianist Shines as His Own Duet Partner
-- this is really unique and pretty spectacular patched up Austin's SXSW festival -- Japanese. Did duet on the piano with a hologram of himself. You'll see in a minute. He has the hologram introduce himself. Then he comes out they do a duet it's a -- out checking out. Addressing how he did he's been experimenting this year's involves a lot technology. I don't I can't explain it but basically. That's pretty mesmerizing music really ends well a guy that's going. So we have all these great stories -- -- time -- soldiers returning home so. Army specialist Joseph Gardiner was away in Korea for 21 month. He came home was greeted by his fiancee but what makes this really special was the first time the two have ever met face to face. Wow sell -- days met on match dot com they built their relationship over Skype he proposed over Skype. And so when he came home he finally got to see his bride to be -- sound from them. I was so excited that you don't deploy UV and newspapers and visitors -- and Edwards just can't explain how happy -- -- Kind of life that isn't oh yeah you gotta love -- it's hard to believe what they they certainly do very happy don't -- -- congratulations to grants to. It's also good -- All right check this out got a lot of little levity for -- little fun check -- out it's surfing competition. -- man and his best friend and women in -- best friend Jimmy it's about how about dogs more than 500 surfers from thirteen different countries seven day event in Australia Brisbane. And the dogs of the stars. And the people off until. And -- -- acrobatics are few different categories with -- -- check out. You know -- traditionally had that is not many dogs -- I thought that -- has yet even when one income categories in okay. We'll they go look at different talented people I can't even stand up after Portland. Do all that have a dog -- -- -- this kind of stuff. RA to get to -- -- story now I got in Michigan was speaking at a town hall meetings and he went over his time we have those public hearing again. Exactly the moment they asked him to wrap it up Annie wouldn't -- this happened right. -- That -- had issues with him before and sound that this talent and -- local animal reporter's dream come true you have. That's how you start the story might.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Japanese pianist Yoshiki performed alongside a hologram version of himself at SXSW show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23031625","title":"Pianist Shines as His Own Duet Partner","url":"/WNN/video/pianist-shines-duet-partner-23031625"}