Pinstripe Bowl preview

Our senior college football analyst Jack Sheahan gives us a look ahead at the upcoming bowl game and makes a stunning prediction.
4:04 | 12/27/17

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I'm laying back. Saturday you. I'll I have to decide about four college football bowl season kicking it off today are taken it up today with four big bold. Game yet navy one of them involved that my alma mater Boston College Eagles are taking on Iowa in the pins dreadful. And I will be there watching in her eagle flies on Wednesday. Eagles on the war Patton about. All right. So who's this guy I don't know I'm trying not to go to him in that's growing concern that adds all right and I want to say I did not approve this not businesses. It's no big deal you're Notre Dame sweat no big deal that's what you get when you invited Notre Dame fan I am analyze. A Boston cauldron you have up there likes let's start this second class Catholics welcomed wants the dollars in just can't get over pay Iowa seven five they started three you know that a shocking defeat to Penn State yeah. Surrendered over the whole nine yards they had some ups and downs in their season but the high points. Was a 5524. Hammering of Ohio State. Next BO. Whenever I agree on Saturday really realize they tennis pros the lawsuit basically kept Ohio State gas out of the college football playoff. Hawkeyes. They've won four straight games against members of the ACC I guess that brought them a little guy again. And if I will winds today that. Which they want it okay but if they do that there will try to will be current references emphatically. 143. Victory which will tie him for the most all time in the program which brings us through. Wall state colleges look like a rough season on Chestnut Hill my hand. Summed up early in September when Notre Dame came to town I don't think we need to talk about their goes Josh Adams on wanna not. Couple more runs 4920. Irish and that one career. Good Ryan's team at that time indeed and more the following week wrong they lost the following week to Clemson in your thinking. Oh then now next. How Boston College righted the ship that our docket including a Friday night for the ages excellent analysis Jack at Coleman against Florida State. Boston College 35. Florida State brave. See that right to Florida State it was like a high school team this year but nonetheless it is. Why isn't all that data while a college enrollment and how they've won five of six they ever get paid me 36 points a game that. There's the first time these two teams have met. The eighth time the pinstripe bowls played it. The first time for Iowa second for BC so they know how to get there. Prediction 75 team that was seven or five people I was lost five. Straight bowl games the past three not even close. Let's make it six. Boss named at all whole morning while you're going Colo. Iowa warnings and I was looked like two and half point favorite they are indeed a big he has the momentum we're gonna do this it's going to be a cold night we got this. Both teams you run the football and the Irish who shall both had to do it. Next November that part. Not a where we gave back about no place circular that that I read are analysts that out of bait I was gonna win that game he had a different you heard it here I know. But you're not Seattle profits is that what I have a museum might help me know what happens. Beautiful reason I Eagles on the warpath wouldn't I think we'll from the war. Thanks Jack. I coming up 4814 Hawkeyes look. There had nobody. Ask you something their theory was at. I know he would want to play in a fresh print refreshed. Prince re read that plus the possible tricky seating arrangement that Prince Harry and make him sweating this getting like you went to go it is next. Don't touch that doubt.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Our senior college football analyst Jack Sheahan gives us a look ahead at the upcoming bowl game and makes a stunning prediction. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52014144","title":"Pinstripe Bowl preview ","url":"/WNN/video/pinstripe-bowl-preview-52014144"}