Pint-sized powerhouse

Meet the 6-year-old boxer inspiring hundreds of thousands online. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to Ruby and her proud dad.
3:33 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for Pint-sized powerhouse
Shakespeare once wrote though she beat what little she is Beers. And little ruby Tucker is definitely that. The six year old pilot sites powerhouse packs upon. Tell me the mobile home active bringing great gains rate. It full use them every TE heard at Q1 showing her the ropes. I started trainer about who little closes refusal but about four years old upstart I don't know autumn light being. I think she Mathieu might be honest 21 in the sport from his father boxing definitely teaches a lot about life you know you get knocked down he got to get. Al teaching it through the duo becoming a hit online as hundreds of thousands of views on is to grant alone. I think America loves a fathered order. Combination I think we love the album is a special connection you know home father and order I think we stay hard work in America. In a late update America likes to see that is still not shoot. But when or gloves come off. Defeat them. I felt like a blanket in the kicking him and he liked he claims might actually not much to eat eat. At this might be is silly question but do you really want to be when you go. Closes. Hanging OE. Two. We live. Like a reporter. It's also. Been smooth in the I don't know human reporter. Great news. TV. Richard act if the trip. For anyone who's looking to step into the ring themselves what advice. You have to people who are looking huge channel their inner fears necks as well you do. It's day only believe me sell its eight cash. Brady. Try hard try next the only thing stronger than those jabs hooks and upper cuts from Lucy. But their father's love for his little girl did she wanted to glitzy show she would be the best marine biologist. I'll get what she wants to do. Her clouds gonna have her back and will push through it pay a lot of people's attention to this girl and message he saved my life she smiled world. Love that so much ruby has a long list of people who inspire her including Mohamed Al lead Leila Ali Pacquiao Marquez. But if you want an inspiration of your own for ruby and her dad you can see more of their boxing sessions on her instant Rampage team that ruby and Jae woo. How might outside a lot of that story thank you so much for bringing it to us well I love his message to is that. He's in her corner regardless of what she wanted to DOC it happens to be amazing up boxing great which six lot of skill and discipline. Sell its no es me in the U when he hears a story but couldn't get young Mike Tyson spent hours in the Jan Societe. And she's got quite the list of idols they're she's also got quite the lift the jobs she wanted. He's I don't come in for you know I'm governor. However. Eleanor. Appreciated just well probably she's replaces you next week that OK and I I'm not gonna kind stopper everyone is that your trade infested.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Meet the 6-year-old boxer inspiring hundreds of thousands online. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to Ruby and her proud dad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72161474","title":"Pint-sized powerhouse","url":"/WNN/video/pint-sized-powerhouse-72161474"}