New plan for New Year's Eve

The party in Times Square will look very different this year. ABC's Will Ganss has details.
2:10 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for New plan for New Year's Eve
There's no New Year's Eve. Eve party like at Times Square New Year's Eve party from the infamous New Year's ball June by les wrecking ball. Hill's live performances. Lighting up and Mike east for better. More for works. That crowd of about a million revelers has always been at. At Times Square steeple. The for the first time in 114. Years there will be no life stands at all in Times Square. There will still be it all podium where we're sending a signal for the ball to drop. There'll still be some live elements some visually compelling element some entertainment elements that are socially distant and say. But it's really primarily for a broadcaster streaming audience. The party like so many others this year going virtual. No singing along fifth ETS and a crowd of thousands. And certainly no kissing strangers when the clock strikes twelve. And while still many are so over 20/20 anyway. Armoured if but when it wouldn't be outnumbered puts he had Al they've dumped him when he got away. To don't worry organizers assured the New Year's rocking eve traditions. Aren't all going away. Musicians and honorees will still join the party. And this year will also include a celebration of essential workers first responders. Doctors and scientists but with no people celebrating in Times Square organizers aren't even sure if they're going to do the infamous confetti dropped. Consider that one up in the air. But on each one thing for certain. No that iconic 121000 pound ball all 2000 Waterford crystal squares that we'll droplet clock strikes midnight till then. Keep your eyes on the and might 22 when he won website right now there's some kind of cryptic message. Promising more info in the early days of October and none in my eyes feel these guys are hanging and I think now I've they were gonna welcome 20/20 one. Apatow have been argue things out red arm. Rose petals.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"The party in Times Square will look very different this year. ABC's Will Ganss has details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73213940","title":"New plan for New Year's Eve","url":"/WNN/video/plan-years-eve-73213940"}