Police: Florida school shooting suspect had a gas mask, AR-15, and grenades

Former FBI agent and ABC News contributor Steve Gomez breaks down chilling new details on the Parkland school shooting suspect.
3:56 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Police: Florida school shooting suspect had a gas mask, AR-15, and grenades
Can't thank you and now let's bring in former FBI special agent in ABC news contributor Steve Gomez Steve. How significant is it that the suspect is alive and unhurt that's pretty rare. Very rare we haven't seen that most of the shootings that have occurred over the last several years. Would it indicates is that won the suspect had planned. This all out he was prepared to go in there shoot as many people as possible he probably had certain targets that he was gonna go after. And then he planned to. Blend in to the crowds as the relieve in the school which is how he got out of the perimeter and ultimately over to the neighborhood where he was ultimately arrested. He that's a follow up on that point for second there because Steve that's very unusual I know some people say this is all mental health thing but. He pulled the fire alarm he had a gas mask was equipped he walked out this if he's won it's the students escaping. We've covered many of these were afford this seems so incredibly calculated and coal. The it exactly an and it probably also indicates that he had some kind of act of vengeance that he was going to play out in his own mind. There had to have been some kind of friction some Teva vendetta that he had with the targets that he was going after and that's something that the investigation is gonna have to bear out. As a proceeds. And see what about the weapons that he had what does that tell you. Well the AR fifteen in the gas mask an end and they and the smoke. I'm cannisters mean that those are all again pre planned. To create a lot of chaos to commit as much carnage as possible the air fifty is capable. Shooting rounds through walls depending on your on the walls and when what they're made of and as a lot of students had to talked about bullets flying through through the walls and the doors and going into the the windows so. That would allow him to have a maximum casualties in this attack. It seems we've covered so many of these mass incidents mass shootings here at this early morning hour. I don't think I've ever experienced where we were there in the classroom and you saw the video and heard the gunshots like we did there at heartland. I don't having kids it was gut wrenching for me I can imagine for those who do have kids even for yourself we're. In law enforcement. Well exactly I have four children and I talked to them all the time about this situation because you know as most kids think. They don't realize that this could happen to them. And the phrase that I always tell them which did the Department of Homeland Security. Had had pushed out to the public is run hide fight so they have to be prepared if they're faced with this type the situation. To running get out of there if they can't than they have to hide barricade themselves protect themselves. And if that doesn't work and you've got somebody like this coming into your classroom with a gun. You have to be prepared to grab a trash can to grab a share to grab anything. And you gotta be prepared to fight. And we are seeing that kind of training have been more mourn schools to but Steve I want alien with you used to be a student at the school. The suspect that is but he wasn't anymore is there any sense that the may be more could have been done to have prevent him prevented him to. Get into the building get onto the campus. Well they definitely have to start looking at school policies all over the country. As for as non students and non faculty. Being allowed into the campus and how that is done because you're always gonna have visitors at the schools so that it's a question of where are those visitors going to be allowed to come in. And are they going to be monitored when they are making entrance into the campus to they have to go to a main office to be checked in and not to let any visitor go to the actual classrooms. Where they are hoping to go to make it to where people have to come to them so that we the visitor is controlled and that's the kind of environment that any visitors gonna have to deal. It's definitely difficult there with the school lake parkway in that is a mass school at some 3000 kids. You know we say it's a high school but it was sort of like a community college campus indeed pressing governments are joining us from Los Angeles thank you.

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{"id":53106523,"title":"Police: Florida school shooting suspect had a gas mask, AR-15, and grenades ","duration":"3:56","description":"Former FBI agent and ABC News contributor Steve Gomez breaks down chilling new details on the Parkland school shooting suspect.","url":"/WNN/video/police-florida-school-shooting-suspect-gas-mask-ar-53106523","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}