Police Officer Killed, House Explodes in NH

Officer Steve Arkell was killed when responding to a dispute at a home that subsequently exploded.
1:50 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Police Officer Killed, House Explodes in NH
America's number one. Tuesday morning we do begin with new details about a violent incident in New Hampshire that led to a police officer and another man -- The explosion was caught on camera by a news helicopter pieces of the house flying in all directions before the blast. An officer responds that scene shot and killed. The officer who. Guided the fiery scene is 48 year old Steve or -- he was responding to a report of a domestic disturbance at the house -- a father and son lived. Then as the house was burning a powerful explosion. What they think is inside but that oh my goodness that we should. All right what's -- Scott -- his over the scene and we just saw was an explosion in this house. The house that blew up -- to 86 year old Walter Nolan who was seen being taken to a hospital on a stretcher his son 47 year old Michael -- is the suspected gunmen -- officer -- -- death but Michael Nolan died at the scene either in the fire or the cause of the explosion. Officials say Nolan and his father were arguing for an unknown reason. -- Walter Nolan a friendly guy but they say they didn't see much of his son. Come out for five minutes -- Go back in again never talk to anybody. -- he obviously has. As for officer or -- he leaves behind a wife and two teenage daughters I join all granite staters in mourning the loss of Brentwood police officer Steve -- -- Who died tonight doing his job protecting his community. -- the governor has ordered all flags in New Hampshire to be flown at half staff to honor officer Stephen RKO.

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{"id":23691542,"title":"Police Officer Killed, House Explodes in NH","duration":"1:50","description":"Officer Steve Arkell was killed when responding to a dispute at a home that subsequently exploded.","url":"/WNN/video/police-officer-killed-house-explodes-23691542","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}