Popcorn Now Something to Wine About

New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford will release popcorn infused with wine flavors.
2:56 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Popcorn Now Something to Wine About
-- into the makes everybody we start with quite an instinct for. This -- -- -- 64 year old woman who apparently was suffering from a cold -- -- rummaging through -- medicine cabinet in the middle of the night looking for cold cream like some kind of ointment -- -- Consent revenue -- that she -- -- on her lips. She grabs super -- Just because -- -- the different. So she applies it to her lips off -- guy goes to bed immediately realize this can open their lives so she caught. Com -- -- watching -- she got -- the number and it tends to call for help. But according to the -- the operator on the other line she could only -- she could even get the word out. They finally got to her I think that it was an even bigger problem like maybe -- outright civil another tunnel brokers are -- -- -- speak to realize it's just that they ticket to the emergency room. The -- paraffin oil says. So get off slowly but surely they get out communications Heather called because she's -- -- of cavities equivalent -- have lost the. So they'll put crazy glue in the Mets cap don't. Write -- -- right really give this one how about go to the movies and much -- popcorn and it taste like wine. -- -- Today I just think there. It's not alcoholic but apparently the editors this particular corporate and good morning company is pairing up management I can't I had -- making. Popcorn fused with wine to -- you know marked with. -- I -- -- equipment -- peanut walking drizzle and didn't just talk a little on long kettle. In the ideas just sort of -- up the flavor is apparently it's quite popular. The slip -- -- final flavor as bright says there's beautiful with wind. Yeah I don't know what do everything I am one -- tastes like I'm really curious to know what it -- like like I've never had powdered. And why possibly improve on salty butter popcorn really I don't. Anything better than a funny feeling it's just kettle corn or regular popcorn and you know and then they infuse flavor you know like I don't think it's that's without any flavor and it's just being used flavor of the -- -- -- and -- Sahara. -- -- -- don't ever went on you get on thanks -- front there's usually people on television. And you find he's really nasty comments from people sometimes -- can be a little offensively I guess -- the Caribbean and Grenada. They have decided to make it a criminal sentenced to do that. Hi he -- it is part of the electronic crimes bill that was passed late on Friday in the small Caribbean island but I don't even predicted all kinds of things means and including -- identity theft child pornography. And in. So very -- And the way it works if something happens online call police reported a judge determined that -- that message is offensive and then the fine can go to 37000 dollars and president visited three years in jail. Robert chariot he asked me that it judges decide they like what if somebody says -- hate get out that you're wearing does that qualify. -- -- freedom of speech Friday night that's what's happening.

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{"id":19542888,"title":"Popcorn Now Something to Wine About","duration":"2:56","description":"New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford will release popcorn infused with wine flavors.","url":"/WNN/video/popcorn-now-infused-with-wine-19542888","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}