The Next Pope: How the Conclave Works

Father Matt Malone talks about the process of electing the next pope.
3:16 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for The Next Pope: How the Conclave Works
Benedict the sixteenth has spent his last night in retirement in his temporary new home now marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one of the few weeks the cardinals won't be in conclave to begin the process of choosing the next Pope. To -- them talk more about that process and the future of the church is father Matt Malone editor in chief. American magazine America magazine -- -- father welcome Michelle thank you very much just. We appreciate you being here with us and the person and we want to get too is what's happening. Right now -- and the Pope visit retirement but what exactly is he doing where did he gallon what does that mean for all of the Roman Catholics on the war. Well he left the -- and saint Peter's in Rome today by helicopter which I'm sure road most of us off. And he he went to what is the traditional summer retreat of the pope's at a place called hostile Gandolfo. Which is about thirty miles south of the Vatican. And he was treated there in the traditional way by the townspeople and -- thoughtful and he gave them a blessing and say good night and that's what's. Guards closed the door and that was that the end of the. -- -- but the actual process right now a lot of people myself included very naive about what really happens behind closed doors is they're politicking going -- There you have human beings involved here rights -- human nature is in place so there's going to be a little. -- The conclave is. If it's obviously a very old institution and it's a very -- process and there are certain protocols around it tried to. Down play any kind of you know ambitious behavior or overt politicking for instance candidates are not permitted to -- themselves. You can't just throw your hat that brings us now know to be considered to be unseemly you knew you can't aspire to the chairs and Peter. And frankly given the enormity of the church's problems are probably aren't that many who are actively aspiring to register -- how do we -- these two ideas that. He's gonna have nothing to do with the selection of the new hope but yet his influence is still so it runs so deep with this conflict -- I think is I think it's just a matter of making a distinction between direct influence and in direct influence. So. He is obviously going to an indirect influence on the outcome of this conflict because as you say he is appointed. A huge number of the members of the college of cardinals. But I think we can take him at his word that he is not going to interfere in any kind of correct way it's very well aware of the fact that he is setting precedent. With everything that he does and everything that he says and he's also aware of the fact that. You know people are asking questions. Can't. Katic really give up all of those -- much power and just kind of retired to his living room. Is that really possible consultant really do that and so like I think. He is is very well aware of all of that and is very keen to do to make sure that there isn't even a hint of impropriety. I think we can take and that is worth. When he exits the stage he really it's not going to be coming back on to our father thank you very much for your perspective we sure appreciate it to be very uninteresting and few weeks ago.

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{"id":18626286,"title":"The Next Pope: How the Conclave Works","duration":"3:16","description":"Father Matt Malone talks about the process of electing the next pope.","url":"/WNN/video/pope-conclave-works-18626286","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}