Popeyes and McDonald's Go Upscale

Fast food giants renovate stores, hoping customers hang out, spend more money.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Popeyes and McDonald's Go Upscale
Upscale and fast food are hardly ever used in the same sentence but this morning we changed all that. ABC's Mark Bradley tells us about some big changes taking place in some of America's most familiar restaurants -- Too fast food giants have gone upscale. -- -- -- ditched its chicken and biscuits image re branding itself as a Louisiana kitchen. And at McDonald's we're now you can get locked it was your burger that golden arches are finally go. That's a nice with us here. For -- and -- -- there's big money at stake this year alone the National Restaurant Association forecast fast food sales soaring to more than. 188. Billion dollars to stop -- a McDonald's -- their share the renovated cop buys are not to the restaurant Louisiana roots. We very quickly made the decision that we wanted to take back the brand back to that heritage back to that the way it started us Louisiana heritage. He wanted new or renovated McDonald's or -- -- like this one you notice the difference right away the first thing you see other spices. You also notice the stores are crisp and clean up the wall art nicer the seats much more comfortable. We can actually -- -- feel like me you're not ramp to sit down and relax and enjoy. Same is true -- -- re imagined mex cafe. Donald's customers sign on leather seats and the big screen plasma TV. This is here and news look at McDonald's a more modern contemporary -- the menu is still the same -- still has the red beans and rice. And McDonald's also the same -- you can still get the French Fries. But both chains are trying to appear more health conscious McDonald's is that it calorie counts to menu boards and says it has reduced sodium like 12%. -- -- boast that -- added 23 menu items that are 350 calories or less but it's not clear whether customers are going today. A number of familiar casual dining at fast food chains have started renovating and or re imaging among them. California pizza at Wendy's Taco Bell. One big change the Metcalf -- the iconic Ronald McDonald is missing the -- -- Ron Paul is our favorite guy we love from I don't tell us is -- roundtable -- outside. Ronald is Ronald had very heavy -- -- -- Bradley ABC news Washington -- -- While -- right. Didn't -- and -- that -- we're talking while you're watching as are used. If you're not. A McDonald's -- -- pop ice -- are you so gonna go in just to test of the. The weather center seats in the Communist and take what but Scott said -- -- our producer and it's kind of true I would avoid it less. He ought to mean if they if I went -- -- may because it was the only thing open and I looked around civilians -- -- -- that might come back again go and yet you know like I enjoyed being there. But if you feel -- on the inside and he had a big Mac whether you -- -- -- They see black Honda sixty helmets they had an entertainment comes back in you have to have another big Mac -- don't regularly -- -- -- -- -- -- and I don't want. May want to think twice fried chicken. -- --

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{"id":21026678,"title":"Popeyes and McDonald's Go Upscale","duration":"3:00","description":"Fast food giants renovate stores, hoping customers hang out, spend more money.","url":"/WNN/video/popeyes-mcdonalds-upscale-21026678","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}