President-elect Joe Biden details his first 100 days

From climate change to immigration reform, President-elect Joe Biden explained how his administration will differ from President Barack Obama's. ABC's Elizabeth Schulze reports.
3:23 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden details his first 100 days
We turn out to the transition of power in Washington president elect Joseph Biden is explaining what he wants to do in its first 100 days in office he's also explain what will be different compared to when President Obama was an office. ABC's Elizabeth shoals that he has that he tells from Washington Elizabeth good morning. Good morning Kenneth well the Biden administration is taking shape and that president elect is unveiling which issues helped tackle first. This morning president elect Joseph Biden revealing his priorities for the first months of his administration saying this won't be another term of the Obama White House. We we face a totally different world. Then we finished and in the Obama Biden administration. As early as today Biden will receive his first presidential daily briefing after a federal agency formally began the transition of power. Finally allowing the Biden team access to the government's corona virus response stayed out. For already were working now meeting with. The Covert team in the White House and how to not only distribute but for a person able to get vaccinated. So I think we're gonna not be so far behind the curve as we thought we might be in the past. In his first post election interview Biden looked ahead to his first 100 days in office. Promising to roll back president trans executive orders on the environments. I think very damaging. Executive orders that have. Significantly. Impacted on making the climate worsened making us less healthy. Hiding also committed to getting immigration reform through congress. First hundred days I will send me immigration bill. To the United States senate were the pathway. To citizenship for over eleven million undocumented people in America but passing an immigration bill will likely depend on which party controls the Senate's. And that won't be decided until January after runoff in Georgia. Inside the White House president trump has yet to concede he on the 642. Briefing Tuesday. Taking credit for the rally on Wall Street despite previously warning that the market would crash if Biden were elected. The stock market's just broken 30000 never been broken that number. That's a secret number 30000. In the meantime Biden's cabinet nominees are already facing criticism just hours after they were announced. Senator Marco Rubio suggesting he'll vote against their confirmations. Tweeting the group went to Ivy League schools has strong resume is a ten dollar rate conferences. You'll be polite in orderly caretakers of America's decline. Some of those nominees making history. Afro Haines as the first female Director of National Intelligence. Hi hundrer my darkest the first Latino and first immigrant up for Homeland Security secretary and longtime aide Tony blinking nominated for secretary of state spoke about his stepfather only one of 900 children at a school in Poland to survive the Holocaust. At the end of the war he made a break from a death march into the woods and that area. From his hiding place he heard a deep rumbling sound. It was a tank. The hatch opened. An African American GI looked down at. He got down on his knees and said the only three words that he knew in the inning which that is mother taught him before the war. God bless America. Biden's transition team says later today the president elect will deliver a Thanksgiving addressed to a Mac app. Kenneth I was the sole secure in Washington think you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"From climate change to immigration reform, President-elect Joe Biden explained how his administration will differ from President Barack Obama's. ABC's Elizabeth Schulze reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74395305","title":"President-elect Joe Biden details his first 100 days","url":"/WNN/video/president-elect-joe-biden-details-100-days-74395305"}