President-elect Joe Biden is the projected winner in Arizona

President Donald Trump is reportedly eyeing a 2024 run, but is still refusing to concede. ABC's Alex Presha reports.
3:19 | 11/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden is the projected winner in Arizona
Breaking overnight president elect Joseph Biden has increased his lead over president trump. Biden is now projected to win Arizona and its eleven electoral votes for a total of 290 verses Trump's 217. And overnight China congratulated Biden on his election win. Meanwhile the New York Times reporting. President trump is already talking about running again for the White House in 20/20 four but right now he still refusing to concede the 20/20 race. ABC's outs for Shea has the latest from Washington good morning Alex. Good morning aerial more Republicans are breaking with president from who continues to claim that he won the election and now. His own election security officials are contradicting. This morning a federal agency is casting more doubt on president Hans claim of election fraud a security team led by the Department of Homeland Security calls the election the most secure in American history. Adding while we know there are many unfounded claims we can assure you we have the up most confidence in the security and integrity of our elections. This statement comes as president trump loses more support within his party. Look I think that. And we need to consider. The former vice president has the president elect Joseph Biden is the president elect. At least ten Republican senators are. Now pushing for Joseph biting to receive classified intelligence briefings. As a president elect normally would they include trump loyalist Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley the longest serving senate Republicans. You think that Joseph Biden to get access to classified briefings. And or prepare for are the transition here. I was thinking especially on. Overnight president elect Biden incoming chief of staff revealed Biden has spoken privately with some Republicans about naming names because we read our calls we read out the calls were both sides rotary out the calls. And he seven private conversations with individuals the New York Times reports president trump is already considering another run for the White House in 20/20 four. Reportedly telling advisors that an announcement about 124 could come shortly after biting it's officially certified the winner in the meantime most Republicans are sticking by the president's battle against fighting over the 22 when he results. I'll trust the Intel community. He's not president right now don't know if he'll be president January 20 but whoever is we'll get the information. Former President Obama in his first post election interview. Speaking to sixteen minutes slamming the president and those refusing to accept the election results. They appear. To be motivated. In part because the president. Doesn't like to lose and never admits loss. More troubled by the fact and other Republican officials who clearly know better. Are going along would bes or she warned. Him in this fashion. It is one more step indeed legitimizing. Not justly and covered by an administration but democracy Jeff. And that's a dangerous pat. The Vatican is now acknowledging that Joseph Biden won the election both France's calling to congratulate Biden who will now become America's second Catholic president. Serial Al experts say in Washington for us Alex thank you.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"President Donald Trump is reportedly eyeing a 2024 run, but is still refusing to concede. ABC's Alex Presha reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74187505","title":"President-elect Joe Biden is the projected winner in Arizona","url":"/WNN/video/president-elect-joe-biden-projected-winner-arizona-74187505"}