President Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin Disagree on Syria Crisis

Obama's "Charlie Rose" interview touched upon the criticism he received about arming Syrian rebels.
2:28 | 06/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin Disagree on Syria Crisis
This 1 making news this morning an awkward sit down between President Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin. The body language is pretty easy to read there these guys aren't crazy about each other and -- major reason why is a disagreement over the crisis in Syria. ABC's Mary Burris continues our coverage this morning with more on that she's live in NORTHERN IRELAND with the president this morning very good morning. Good morning John good morning Diana. The several more in Syria is front and center at this summit but the super powers are no closer to an agreement -- and it. This morning as the leaders of the major economic powers meet here in Ireland the focus is Syria. In a new interview with Charlie Rose -- PBS President Obama fired back at criticism that sending weapons to Syrian rebels is not enough. If you haven't been in the situation room. Poring through. Intelligence. And meeting directly with our military folks and asking what are all our options. And examining what are all the consequences unless you've been involved in those conversations. Then it's -- a horror. Four. You to understand the complexities situation but and and Howell. We have to not rush in to. One more war in the Middle East. Yesterday President Obama and Russian leader Vladimir Putin agreed that the bloodshed must stop and called for renewed negotiations. But that's where their agreement and it's -- -- And it's did not know exact pressure remains committed to arming Syrian president Bashar Al Asad regime. The White House has concluded that -- used chemical weapons but Russia is scoffing at the American evidence. We've got serious interest there. And not only humanitarian interests we can't have a situation of ongoing chaos -- a major country that borders. A country like Jordan which in turn borders -- -- While the president is busy with meetings the first family is exploring their Irish roots. First Lady her daughter's home through archives in Dublin and saw the birth record of the president's great great great grandfather from money -- Ireland. They also reunited with the dissident Irish cousin. Later today the president will travel to Germany where tomorrow he'll meet with the president and the chancellor. And delivers speech at the historic Brandenburg Gate John and Diana. All right Mary Bruce with the president in Ireland --

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{"id":19425646,"title":"President Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin Disagree on Syria Crisis","duration":"2:28","description":"Obama's \"Charlie Rose\" interview touched upon the criticism he received about arming Syrian rebels.","url":"/WNN/video/president-obama-russias-vladimir-putin-disagree-syria-crisis-19425646","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}