President Trump answers questions from voters in town hall

Uncommitted voters asked the president questions about race relations, COVID-19 and more. ABC's Andrew Dymburt reports.
2:38 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for President Trump answers questions from voters in town hall
Overnight president trump showing his love for Philadelphia and cheese steaks tweeting this picture from Air Force One after a town hall hosted by ABC's George seven. Ellis you should know that some of these people voted for you. Last time around some voted for Hillary Clinton at uncommitted voters asking a range of questions including on race relations and you've coined the phrase make America great again. When has American being Greek for African Americans and get over America. Are you aware how tone deaf that comes off to African American community. Well I can say this we have tremendous African American support you've probably seen it in the polls. Trump also defending his handling of the pandemic claiming he quote up late it even though he told journalist Bob Woodward he was downplaying it and once again last night trump insisted the virus will disappear one voter pressed him on wearing a mask. Why don't you are massed more often. Well I do Wear them one I have to do and wonderment hospitals and other locations. Now there is by the way a lot of people don't want to Wear masks are a lot of people think the masks are not good. And there are a lot of people that as an example don't have those people well I'll tell you who those people. Waiters they come over and they serve you and have a mask and I saw at the of the day whether it was serving me. And they're playing with a mask. I'm not blaming that I would just say what happens they're playing with a mask and so the mask is over and there. Touching it and put and then they're touching the plate that can't be good. Health insurance also want voters mine exclude going to be doing a health care plan very strongly. And protect people with preexisting conditions. I will say this they will not do that because they have socialized I had Oregon and social life. I just have to stop either even promising a new health care plan we interview I interviewed you in June. A flashy said the health care plan becoming two weeks you've been trying to strengthen the existing condition hasn't already and it's a much better plan for you. In the meantime new fallout for the spokesperson at the Department of Health and Human Services. Michael Caputo is apologizing after accusing government scientists of sedition claiming the CDC has a trump resistance unit and warning of an armed revolt after the election. The Pluto is now considering taking a leave of absence due to health issues back to Philadelphia when another voter asking the president if he do anything differently. In his second term. I'm fighting a lot of forces sometimes you don't have time to be. Totally as you would say presidential. You have to get things done. And ABC news offered to host a similar town hall with Joseph Biden but both ABC news and the campaign could not find a mutually agreeable date Kenneth Mona. Enter thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Uncommitted voters asked the president questions about race relations, COVID-19 and more. ABC's Andrew Dymburt reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73043367","title":"President Trump answers questions from voters in town hall","url":"/WNN/video/president-trump-answers-questions-voters-town-hall-73043367"}