Presidential pup to receive more training

Major Biden is on his way to an off-site training camp in D.C. ABC News’ Will Ganss has details.
2:31 | 04/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Presidential pup to receive more training
Major Biden is shipping off to politic oh. The three year old German shepherd and headed to training camp after two biting incidents involving White House staffers. This storm has moved into an and barter. He's unsure. If someone approaches them Embry shall he snaps. He's just an unfair. The first lady's Press Secretary saying in a new statement the off site private training will take place in the Washington DC area. And it is expected to last a few weeks while major is in the doghouse his brother champ who has been at the Biden's for ten years' seems to be doing just fine. Not regard meet set up. So it champion Abel you scroll whole house Antarctic wonder oh. Previous presidential pups have run the gamut of White House access sunny and boat the Obama's Portuguese water dogs could be let off lease to play as they pleased. But Barney bush a Scottish Terrier. Proved that nipping was a bipartisan issue way back in 2008. So Brendan a lot of people might say that hunt is major is a German shepherd that he's more prone to aggression using that's really indicates. They're doing this for third years. I had seen every breathing and aggression. In fact that Shalala has been more eagle. He lost off but there are certain things that will set a German shepherd up for success or failure. Yasser bwic as a weak people know his senate flat to down devices there's too much archer and he's going to be and defense now. You moves to protect what he is he's a sweet dog 85% of people there love and we just all nose lick them and why use tale. While major will learn some stress management management skills while he's away our experts say it's also important to train that people at the White House so everybody can get along for example it's never a good idea to reach for a dog not even to let them smell you they can smell you from across the room instead. Our experts say to cull out to him. Major over there major major bigger. I'm hiding it on moderately less. Garrett move get out the way I don't know new friends. You on a piece of me. Room earns I've made them do the playlist if he wants new friends it's just they're still in that adjustment period you know act. Leave major. Alone leave major alone it's right Greta that means different.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Major Biden is on his way to an off-site training camp in D.C. ABC News’ Will Ganss has details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77040498","title":"Presidential pup to receive more training","url":"/WNN/video/presidential-pup-receive-training-77040498"}