Primetime Emmy Awards Announced

"Game of Thrones" leads all shows for most nominations.
3:19 | 07/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Primetime Emmy Awards Announced
Time now for the skinny and topping this morning's headline prime time Emmy nomination love it meeting this year's top entries. A wildly popular and highly addictive game of drones. Great show house of cards and how Netflix earned more than double its nominations this year along with the -- is the new black and ABC's modern family will go for its fifth west comedy win how about that -- Our record by the way currently held by Frazier. I had to know that and this year major Emmy snub for cult favorite serial mystery fourth and black. Which airs on BBC America and has been renewed for a third season. In that show the lead actress plays several clone -- I didn't know anything about this show and I'm excited many get a new show Yakima you can start to -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- heard it -- -- -- -- reports -- confirmed. -- he's back oh you've written. She's headed to -- DC that's right to get a co host the -- it's been seven years since she left the show. Should be doing the only remaining mainstay so far will be Goldberg of course Donald Trump couldn't resist weighing in reportedly calling ABC's decision to hire Rosie back. A good one I think he's also saying he expects thank you very much we appreciate that he's also expecting -- call any day now with an invitation to return to the show. And duke it out with are once again -- -- to -- to see what's the hello it's the beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the beach it's Christmas crazy and that creepy -- Leann Rimes. Releases a video promoting her upcoming North American Christmas tour and the lyrics. The downright corny. The man whose son is and -- in Manhattan Kansas am managing. And all -- New Jersey. -- that's -- in New York music is alive and -- -- We have and still run by the way and set to star is becoming reality star and VH one series Leann and Eddie gears up for its big time premiere next Thursday. Interesting. Video didn't. -- -- -- I don't know Tarrytown New York I -- -- you know basically she's going to she got him to run to right. And appropriate for any -- NY for Stewart -- diva of domesticity has a lot better security detail. Have some -- with a drone camera giving us some amazing bird's eye -- from -- huge farm in Bedford New York have always wanted to visit the shot showing her. Which -- still one horse stable and then there's another wide shot of that horse stable and the surrounding -- -- my gosh since they don't have. One of our favorite looking straight -- out and her flower garden. Well hopefully soon -- that -- teach us all how to care for our old problems. Many until -- -- and make our own. Sounds like trousers you know look a little -- cozy. Maybe we can all over drone to my overhead ABC and then you guys can see what's going on that we -- an incredible or flying over the -- That I -- have time to check out celebrity birthdays -- the -- -- Today Giorgio -- turns eighty years -- After -- award turns 58 how hurricanes Casey Davis turned fifty and. How I met your mother's David Henry turns 25 happy birthday to one and thought.

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{"id":24517744,"title":"Primetime Emmy Awards Announced","duration":"3:19","description":"\"Game of Thrones\" leads all shows for most nominations.","url":"/WNN/video/primetime-emmy-awards-announced-24517744","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}