Prince Harry's Bachelor Eligibility Grows

The royal will reportedly receive $17 million on his 30th birthday as an inheritance from his late mother.
3:33 | 06/30/14

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Transcript for Prince Harry's Bachelor Eligibility Grows
Time now for the -- of the world's most eligible bachelor is about to get a lot more out of gas Britain's Prince Harry is set to receive a multi million dollar inheritance. From the estate of his mother Princess Diana on his thirtieth birthday September 15. -- you'll receive the same seventeen million dollar -- his brother William got on his. Thirtieth birthday as well and he'll also pay the same 40%. -- state tax. -- but that still means that with a pool of ten million bucks Harry is going to run it through that though he will be partying he's gonna have a good time and ask you -- think he's his pentagon. You know well I would imagine he'll be jet setting across the world. -- gonna happen queens stepped that is fingertips -- any -- organism that gives them private and my grandma's dead. Well nobody wanted to show. The right there that kind of money that's a great -- and federal government that it looked at it -- that kind of money. Next to a big night for the BT awards the last night in Los Angeles. Rapper Chris Brown just about stole the show performing -- the latest -- what else. Despite -- major despite -- performance by. -- -- That's not the only person Chris Rock -- What exactly did -- thing. What exactly. Did -- -- said. And around black. Basketball play. I don't want to walk around black. Basketball. -- -- -- -- Meantime taking the top award last night for video of the year for rails happy of course. Drake beyoncé and Jay-Z were top nominees earning five each. Next stop a belated honor for a once controversial found spike Lee's do the right thing was famously -- for the best picture Oscar. When it came out in 1989. The indie film about racial tensions in America has now been appraised at -- cinematic masterpiece. But it threaten to trigger violence at a time. That -- the war you know it's nothing. Though he -- joint bid to the woman who can't walk I confronted him. The academy of motion pictures arts and sciences through only -- 25 anniversary party featuring a video message from none other. Then president and mrs. Obama. The first couple said they watch -- will be on their first official day while. Present even thanked Lee for helping hand and fascination. -- -- first day. That was going to be it's likely helped out the -- -- he certainly -- Extend the passing of a -- to recognize and beloved actor. Yes me -- Taylor has died after a battle with breast cancer breast cancer to -- He was perhaps best known for his role as the flamboyant designer Anthony able via. Playing that role in the eighties sitcom designing women most recently Taylor appeared on the CBS program criminal -- An actor -- -- Taylor was 67. Years old. And called the fashion police. Kelly Osborne this shocking fans this morning with a bizarre new tattoo. The 29 year old fashioned police co host shaved off both sides of her head sporting a Mohawk with a -- that simply read the story. Osborn also couldn't name resist instant -- her new look -- -- that. But I think she wrote.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"The royal will reportedly receive $17 million on his 30th birthday as an inheritance from his late mother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24361399","title":"Prince Harry's Bachelor Eligibility Grows","url":"/WNN/video/prince-harrys-bachelor-eligibility-grows-24361399"}