Protesters call for Alex Acosta's resignation

The labor secretary is still defending his role in brokering a plea deal with financial mogul and accused sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
3:12 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for Protesters call for Alex Acosta's resignation
Out to the firestorm over secretary of labor outside costs that plea deal he brokered years ago for accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein. A cost says defending the deal he reached while serving as US attorney in Florida and 2008. But this morning his former colleague is coming forward accusing the secretary. Of rewriting history. New video overnight protest outside the Department of Labor in Washington demonstrators are demanding secretary Alex Acosta resigned or projecting the words Acosta and able sex trafficking onto the building it comes upper Costa defended a controversial plea deal has office negotiated with wealthy financiers Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 when a Costa with the US attorney in Florida. Get prosecutor will call you that these cases are complex. Especially. When they involved shall. Court documents and Mac Kay showed more than thirty women accused Epstein a sexually abusing them as teenagers the deal he cut with the cost is office allowed him to plead guilty to lesser charges spending just thirteen months in county jail is still being allowed to travel to his office for work during that time we did what we did it because we want to see Epstein. So she. Che the deal faces new scrutiny after Epstein was indicted this week by federal prosecutors in New York the indictment claims Epstein hired teen girls to different massages edits made to the Manhattan and Palm Beach allegedly assaulting them some of the allegations in the new case were also part of the investigation that a Costa oversaw the secretary was asked Wednesday if he would make the same deal mail. Today's world does not allow some of the fifth and shame that have taken place at trial. Twelve years. The alleged victims in the 2008 case say they were not told about the deal the government cut with Epstein or any of its terms Acosta -- they urged other victims to come forward. But stopped short of apologizing. They say they went to you. Looking for help. Adding hear back from you until it was too late. You'll that would apology. So. You're raising the issue the victim that. The career prosecutor in this case. Had a difficult decisions. And she didn't make it alone. But this morning the former state attorney of Palm Beach is fighting back saying mr. Costas recollection of this matter is completely wrong the US attorney's office produced a 53 page indictment that was abandoned after secret negotiations between mr. app seems lawyers and mr. Costa at the time at CNET formed a legal dream team including Alan Dershowitz who insist the 2008 plea deal with spare. They got him to be registered sex offender paid vast amounts of money to pull. Of the women. And to get him to plead and go to jail. The show what cotta says she was sixteen when a friend recruited her to give Epstein massages she never got a chance to confront him in court because of the plea deal. And really just one it Tilly feeling okay. Do you remember me of course not because it's been so many other girls UK at Neiman. Put on your hands like. And member about one that I ruined her life. Epstein has pleaded not guilty to the new charges White House chief of staff Mitt smoke mania is dismissing a report. That he wants a possibly be fired Albania says the relationship is quote excellent.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The labor secretary is still defending his role in brokering a plea deal with financial mogul and accused sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64261170","title":"Protesters call for Alex Acosta's resignation","url":"/WNN/video/protesters-call-alex-acostas-resignation-64261170"}