Are Quarterbacks Really the Best-Looking Players?

Jon Wertheim and Sam Sommers of Sports Illustrated Magazine debunk the myth that quarterbacks are the best-looking players on the field.
2:53 | 02/04/16

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Transcript for Are Quarterbacks Really the Best-Looking Players?
Tab for the next I'm quarterbacks always seem to get the ammo looking like a hot. Because the most attention I think is on them so already they have the ball every single time. Everybody they get the ball to get the attention about the ball around here how well apparently a hundred people were surveyed by Sports Illustrated are tested for their attractiveness of the players quarterbacks wide receivers and backs. Believe this thing for the quarterback actually got the lowest rating of the three positions. So why are things so incredibly good looking we'll. Psychologist at University of Toronto says she specializes in on behavior and appearance isn't she says you boil it down to evolutionary process that. If there's someone who you can mate with toys this person gonna kill me and so you start drying and you kind of against find them. May evolve because there at like that they cannot tell us. I think the dean of quarterback a successful quarterback you have to have supreme confidence and I think that the confidence. Is what people find attractive yes you know right carry yourself that way then. Your right at an opening quarterback did lack confidence that you got to get in there and anyone who does not cornerback for too long a particular egg thing in my opinion is is that I think that. That's exactly who is what's gone on that and you just put put the test you just yet without looking researchers could. X that's is the best guess. Aaron Rodgers who did so there when he's dating Olivia month access to so he said that. Now you're presenting quarterback is the slap him digging. Basically got to you gotta be some degree my confidence to. And in growing equipment so researchers call Phil Bennett when you need to go and I felt take yes when it comes to this QB for anything it's that I figured out right back to a new but the all right so your first day at work or an internship you want to put your best before of course. Well who want to show you a guy who. You fell asleep on his first day at an internship. And I Don him gather around to this group photo here. And then of course put on Raddatz how and where it got even more attention ended started to treat means. Of it. Long Island South Park and carton in their fallen asleep. Company. And his board guys getting clown done enough you on all over the place for falling asleep on his the first stay. But they've recent distill the taking naps hat where it is can be a good thing you know granted increases productivity but. But you know that's. Too bad for him the 55 but that's these actually. That. Young apparently is not anxious that this survey. If you want someone who yacht they say that women tend to be more prone to donning then that although this new study they say the findings aren't exactly universally accepted. But it looked about a hundred their friends they said that more people to watch if we god. The women tended to got more because they were to back. Do you think that that makes sense. Only I was works on me to death in new.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Jon Wertheim and Sam Sommers of Sports Illustrated Magazine debunk the myth that quarterbacks are the best-looking players on the field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36707538","title":"Are Quarterbacks Really the Best-Looking Players?","url":"/WNN/video/quarterbacks-best-players-36707538"}