Real 'Monuments Men' and Women Preserve Cultural Heritage

US troops are trained using playing cards with pictures of historic sites to respect the culture.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real 'Monuments Men' and Women Preserve Cultural Heritage
-- the star -- -- monuments men is based on the real life story. About World War II soldiers -- say -- from the Nazis. But this isn't just history even today the army works to protect -- from war here's ABC Serena Marshall. He really wound in his home -- It was a World War II operation to recover and secure precious irreplaceable works of art. -- get into the war. Monuments men millions of works of art and cultural treasures stolen by the Nazis. And we have this group of men and women who risked their lives two of whom were killed during combat to go and save. The great cultural terms of -- today there's still -- there's an awareness in this country that we really need to try to avoid destroying this kind of material. When we have to go into war. In Afghanistan beautiful historic -- as we're distorted by the Taliban and in Iraq not only did shock and non American bombs to bring in -- in Baghdad. But the guardians of babble on were looted and art from the cradle of civilization. Kept at the Baghdad museum stolen and -- and ally. I think the leaders didn't see that collection as their shared cultural identity. They side -- Saddam's. Personal collection. Troops are now trained using playing cards with pictures of historic sites to help increase awareness real life monuments men and women who now protecting human history. Today heroes on the silver screen the money. And is like Libya these monuments men and women were able to protect cultural heritage sites from damage. -- outlining -- no strike zones for NATO forces. But in places like Syria Damascus is the oldest city in the world. Serious damage has already been done -- protections were not in place. Marcy Ryan. I think -- our screen and so it was officers from thirteen different countries who were involved in this city can actually check out. More about them and their biographies and all of that they have a website monuments men dot com can store incredible the saved over five million pieces of art during World War II. Absolutely incredible.

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{"id":22545284,"title":"Real 'Monuments Men' and Women Preserve Cultural Heritage","duration":"3:00","description":"US troops are trained using playing cards with pictures of historic sites to respect the culture.","url":"/WNN/video/real-monuments-men-women-preserve-cultural-heritage-22545284","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}