A Real Tearjerker

Little Raegan shed some very emotional tears while watching a cartoon. Check out the adorable moment.
2:54 | 11/11/14

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Transcript for A Real Tearjerker
Or. A first in the mix got a little a little one that gets a little emotional watching TV. Okay okay let's let's just let you see this video that a lot of people are watching right now. Com or touching. To video the kid is watching its we have the sweet moment they're taking careful and went and looked just look at the beauty indicated really get emotional at the right time during the actual. Hard soon his two year old Reagan out of Aurora Colorado dad decided to set up in and fill moves through the vehicle with its emotional so. It's for entertainment and maybe she's missing mommy and daddy. It's invites me. We'll be indebted to one right there filming I tell them maybe it's been a rough week you know separation anxiety. I don't think about it here. Other friends who against the conference they tell. And I think we're did take you bungee jumping but then they do something. And yeah. And. And 8 April I'd put him. At Eddie goes over the edge effect on people not that he was going to be bungee jumping free falling from the sky. Instead he belly flops just a couple feet down into the water there near. Thank you for eons ago that safer than by the Japanese help get people to that he believed in her last week. Did some girl was injured let's get up off quickly if she's like centrists that. Who have given that. One here got video from a race only twelve years old he's running Disney's one mile run the race this was just this beds area there she is well if you can both be up and running anywhere at least according to doctors. To twelve you're with terrible Baltic. And doctors to sit she probably wouldn't be up and about it she had surgery just. But seven months ago our legs and she's up already and running this race. She also lets you rent and those who think you kind of into races you read America unless you're well but. The young lady didn't think he'd be up and going Sarah case lyzard names so it's good to see her devotion. Beautiful and that I love and great great cop but there could integration. With people write letters and mark handwritten letters is. They don't do that but of course now there's an app for handwritten letters I kid you not it's called a hand written. You. Type the letter out. And that someone else Amaechi a broker action creates a letter it appears like handwriting home. Pending the mailing or you that's awful you paid to design new mantra that tax you pay at the three to seven dollars per letter from in the app that's free night he'd miss. This is what technologies company. All organ letters.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Little Raegan shed some very emotional tears while watching a cartoon. Check out the adorable moment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26827077","title":"A Real Tearjerker","url":"/WNN/video/real-tearjerker-26827077"}