Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Allegedly Pulls Attitude

The actress was arrested for disorderly conduct during traffic stop involving her husband.
4:28 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Allegedly Pulls Attitude
It's a story when she should -- -- this picture this is a member. Amalgamated they like put everything together yeah this is what supposedly -- averaged -- storm looks like she's not real she's. Compilation of all these people five foot 770 about a Caucasian women bra size me and -- All OK now that's the actual Clark. That's what the average points -- looks like. We have adopted -- -- anyway and chose news -- again. Can you -- the -- side. I just love that he -- and how you -- let -- and why did you. -- apparently you look like the average scores. -- -- proud right I'm not -- so yeah. No I didn't take that snipers shot -- -- -- -- the war and it all the tellers and basically translation it just means you're married -- well and and that's why I will take it. You know -- you and I but journalists I should not be compared to a porn star and. -- but it just means you were. And very desirable and trapped in an -- and -- will be up and up and legal offices and. Yeah -- made -- we. Look like McCain and Mike -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really actually what he meant to do. That takes the air base -- embassy. Marianne McIntyre rejected -- two I feel cheap and I'm not file a complaint on violence. Go -- go yeah. Got to get to the real it's about. Recent -- -- -- not good not good. Stick to me. Her husband apparently there she is -- -- lines apparently her husband and her got pulled over her husband was drunk so he's getting recipe for -- -- She got a little mounting with police saying things right do you -- nightmare she has been having to say that to you know landing on Ryan yeah she's not that hard you know my name the by the way the officer said I don't need to know your name did you say. You're about to. Find out who eye and -- economy on national news guesses on national. Yeah not the arresting officer ever say you know where I tell anyways we -- want to get hurt yes barest possible here she got a -- That happened on Friday in Atlanta and now she sent out a statement that basically -- as I wanna say it clearly had one too many drinks. Deeply embarrassed about the whole thing. -- definitely -- situation I was -- -- because it but there was that is no excuse I was disrespectful to the officer who is doing -- to have nothing but respect for -- very sorry about my behavior such -- -- write things Michigan. -- wrong she. You don't she did -- know the apology yes united I guess everybody has bad moments so -- Allen days ago. All right wanted to follow that I'm -- -- by the way I'm doing -- very little later married. Also watch -- try another -- incident that Al Michaels sport so much I know Al Michaels ABC sports announcer arrested over the weekend in Southern California on suspicion of drunk driving Michael pulled over around 9:30 PM Friday and they gave was at a checkpoint it was me. Witness to -- in an illegal U turn and about a -- Michaels is the play by play guy for Sunday Night Football he's taking the station house and registered a blood alcohol level of point zero way. Percent. And he was booked for suspicion of DUI about five -- -- so. The and -- finish -- -- but NBC sports that we're aware of the situation we've been in contact with -- and we have no further -- And now one of the ongoing investigation they don't like to -- especially big. Big news houses like NBC. Arctic cat Kim Kardashian and -- they've been married they were married for 72 days before they separated but they stayed married to Chris. Instead it was all a hoax -- nutty idea any life hunting only they are divorced but not after whole lot of heartache. So you know Kim Kardashian attend court every time she was supposed to go there he made such a big hoopla about the fact that. He wanted -- day in court and he wanted this anyone and that and he never really showed up to court so the judge finally ordered the whole thing. Is could put it he was on the West Coast well this was happening and the -- Essentially -- -- divorced yeah. I'm movement on all right real quick -- -- hasn't Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together to form a couple lives. November 2012 two years old neighbor allegedly putting people spotted -- Syria and I love.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":19013567,"title":"Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Allegedly Pulls Attitude","duration":"4:28","description":"The actress was arrested for disorderly conduct during traffic stop involving her husband.","url":"/WNN/video/reese-witherspoon-arrested-allegedly-pulls-attitude-19013567","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}