Remembering a president

George H.W. Bush is flown back to his home state of Texas ahead of a final service to honor the 41st president. ABC News' T.J. Parker reports.
2:51 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for Remembering a president
Now when he gets you former president George H. W. Bush after all of the moving tributes he'll be laid to rest today we're looking right now live look at saint mark's episcopal church in Houston. Where the president is Lal lying in were opposed the navy's honoring him. With a special flyover as he's laid to rest today. Viral have a 21. Of fighter jets it's the largest ever missing man formation. Meanwhile people across President Bush's adopted home state are paying tribute the number 41 lit up at this hotel in Dallas another tribute. In light this what on the USS George H. W. Bush. The crew assembled on the deck to spell out his initials with flash lights. ABC's TJ partner has more on what's coming up to date he's with us from Houston teacher. Well good morning relative nagging as President Bush lies or oppose here at saint mark's episcopal church on the city's. West side and historians have been coming out throughout the night they've been coming on these metro buses all night long to paid their final respects head of the funeral this morning. And we're gonna miss you your decency sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. A great and noble man. The best father of Sarah and her daughter get ahead. A celebration of life from the national cathedral in Washington DC to the city. Where president George H. W. Bush called home for many years Houston Texas. Carrying the president's special air mission 41 a flying over College Station, Texas. Where bush will be buried at his presidential library at Texas a and M alongside his late wife Barbara and daughter Robin. The plane then landing at Ellington airport in Houston. A motorcade taking the president to saint Martin's episcopal church the bushes longtime members of their neighborhood perished there. You still onions then getting a chance to say their final goodbyes. Any talk about. You know creating a kinder gentler nation and were not that anymore and I'm here to say thank you for. Putting that out there Mr. President and unfortunately it may be or death that brings us all together. Bush was very active in the Houston community and he lived here since the fifties where he raised his gambling after this morning's funeral. The president will journey to his final resting place on a train. Whose engine is named for him. Bush 4141. Historians proud of their 41 president and now wolf for ever remember what he did for Texas and the country. Do us all eyes were trying to me. Now that private funeral services scheduled for 10 this morning Houston time family and close friends expect it to be expected to arrive here soon. And then that train to College Station is expected to leave Houston. At 1230 mega intro. Special day today TJ thank you so much and ABC news we'll have live coverage of today's memorial service. Starting at 11 AM eastern.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"George H.W. Bush is flown back to his home state of Texas ahead of a final service to honor the 41st president. ABC News' T.J. Parker reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59646400","title":"Remembering a president","url":"/WNN/video/remembering-president-59646400"}