Remote-controlled lawn mowers

If you prefer to sip a beverage in the shade while mowing the lawn remotely, ABC News' Will Ganss has the perfect thing for you!
2:05 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Remote-controlled lawn mowers
It will need mowing the lawn could be as carefree as it is in Kevin peak at the movies from that eighty. Well thanks to that same boat we're actually not so far off. Illinois bother making custom remote controlled lawnmowers. In all actuality he had started off of Jack Russell's here. All my wife's dog has bad it grass or is. That designing the first remote controlled lawnmower about three years ago quickly realizing however his backyard brain child had a lot more potential. For future clients a lot of them we're calling it would disabilities. Let's clear it. My goal is banning them as equal as Archie amongst their peers and not be challenged. And now he says he's working on. Totally autonomous versions to help farmers mean T larger properties. And yet it's also good for anyone who preferred a sip of beverage in the shade while they both the line. Remotely of course how long leisurely how easy it like it. Com. I lost count. Matt currently selling the remote controlled lawn mowers for a thousand bucks a pop and it takes him about a week technique eats one just. Car shot so to speak but the lawn mowers are just Matt's site hustle on top of another full time job. And being a full time dad to mosquitoes forty to sixty hours a work week. National doctors older singer he's. It his daughter and he diagnosed with chromosome eighteen what are trying to do is give all the profits in nineteen that your funding research in getting the word out. Turns out the grass really is greater when you don't have to push the line mower yourself. Like getting good innovator Matt is already planning ahead his prototype of remote controlled snowblower it's functional and he's gearing up to launch those just in time for wintry guys wanna be on that wait lists. So it's basically a rumba for your lawn again a lot of room yeah right.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"If you prefer to sip a beverage in the shade while mowing the lawn remotely, ABC News' Will Ganss has the perfect thing for you!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78942755","title":"Remote-controlled lawn mowers","url":"/WNN/video/remote-controlled-lawn-mowers-78942755"}