Reunion 45 years in the making

One Texas mother was only 16 when she had her son back in 1975 and put him up for adoption in 1975. Now, he’s finally found her. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.
2:31 | 11/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reunion 45 years in the making
And reunion between mother and son 45 years in the making have been. Searching for a long time always knew. Which adoption agency I came around. On so I've contacted them hundred times in 1970 five's Brenda van sickle was the least sixteen years old when she deliberate speed equally and put him up for adoption. In Fort Worth, Texas. She'll hand for fifteen minutes long that's how long. Com and it they didn't allow cameras. She tried to picture that now to the camera went armor and now four and a half decades later after searching online taking DNA test. And getting help from his wife Wesley finally struck gold. I got a name. Com and then it was up to me. Calling his mother who still lives in taxis to senator reunion at a hotel near her own she follows happened and she looked for me back before. It's all of us as possible and do you name technology. Helps till finally check around. IA EU just now and learning more a moment a mother and son had been waiting nearly half a century Fuller wasn't a whole lot that we says. You know. Just just talking and housing. 45 years Wesley Stanley cheering him on from inside to hotel. And must must hunt has more. Or grandmother's hand and that's pretty as pretty rich while he knows not every story like his has such a wonderful ending what would your message be of folks who find themselves in similar situations to February highway in coaching years I'm and I such cells. Oh yeah. Tumor do what feels right to ask you honestly. What does family immediately Stanley to Mimi support themselves and I'm realizing that more Margaret. So Brenda has plans to visit Wesley it is Stanley in Louisiana this December and Wesley says he hopes their story will encourage others to reach out use those. Newer adoption resource is to reconnect with their families in all senses that word this holiday season you guys. Such a touching story well I was getting a little misty yeah watching that. Well all of that like to talk to him as he. Re connect it with his mother I'm sure that we talk every day at this point yet he says they stay in touch the coolest part though is that. His son and his biological mother played pull together something they both look so apparently played pool runs in the DNA that family thank who we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"One Texas mother was only 16 when she had her son back in 1975 and put him up for adoption in 1975. Now, he’s finally found her. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74187780","title":"Reunion 45 years in the making","url":"/WNN/video/reunion-45-years-making-74187780"}