Rihanna, Chris Brown Sit Separately at Nightclub

On-again, off-again couple reportedly ignored each other at Hollywood club.
3:20 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Rihanna, Chris Brown Sit Separately at Nightclub
Rihanna and Chris Brown back in the news all these rumors they were back together that spot all over the place even rumor that get a ring on the grammys maybe they're engaged black. -- we have this little report they were at the same nightclub in Hollywood on Thursday night which was Valentine's Day however they did not come together and apparently did not want to be seated next to each other she. She told her steps in me as far away from him. And then as. Possible -- they said she looked quote startled and upset when he arrived at the club about an hour after. After she did so -- know maybe some speculation either they're they've broken up or least. Had a big fight or something that is not. And shockingly all is not peaceful and well -- Chris Brown. We don't know -- What they showed just the latest update from that tumultuous relations. Yeah OK so we all that fiance is it from the famous or infamous for being extremely. Private she got married you wouldn't know about it pigeon didn't barely came out what he was -- one picture her and might we never saw anything -- We now she has documentary coming out carry this -- Friday it -- Friday I apologize -- -- -- original apparently in this HBO series for those of you haven't seen at least. Finally -- is -- blew me in all of her Lari and -- she is a need those adorable baby now I thank. There are pictures and the Internet out there on her but -- grainy paparazzi she's been -- -- can't really see much of her. Looking at her in these pictures she is the most precious little girl I had ever seen she's absolutely -- and -- it very interesting here now there's -- -- to -- gallon. There's no you know huge production and this is -- beyond saying being a mom with her baby giving her bottle. Cuddling with her -- of the moment knowing that mom I think she says this was about connecting all the dots family members. It's just a really good moment and and I'm so glad we're finally getting just. -- -- He noted from Wednesday's air for Wednesday morning spectacular surprise ever see you later in the week so but -- just sent over from Houston despite ought to start and so I love yeah. Yes you get to see that world also. Tim Tebow back in the news obviously -- a very religious guy speaks at churches quite frequently whale this latest book -- is not. Sitting too well some folks he's gonna speak at the first Baptist Dallas church on April 20 -- However the church's pastor there Robert -- Frist is very well known to be anti gay and also -- cementing -- enough people are wondering hey Tim why would you be speaking at a church like this. With a pastor like that guy and could this possibly be -- PR disaster in the making for Tebow. It's not exactly clear yet what his message will be to the 111000 members club that -- they have not released just yet but already some early controversy because this pastor has said. Some highly controversial things in the past apparently Tebow will be there at the end of -- Her own opinions you know does a lot of speaking at different churches -- there. That's on an hour from -- -- that he may want to. Why not is huge grant welcomes a son and now you may remember Hugh Grant in 2011 had a baby girl with a warning me in the -- Saying -- Holland notes -- bishop could put -- -- anyway she. And they -- -- because of leading Arabic now the second time to get us I want you are not how I wonder completing a white Eddy can regulations Tibetans and that he wanted to just say that he -- the one that was going to introduce the little girl to the world awaits the world not to turn this boom and grants.

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{"id":18528314,"title":"Rihanna, Chris Brown Sit Separately at Nightclub","duration":"3:20","description":"On-again, off-again couple reportedly ignored each other at Hollywood club. ","url":"/WNN/video/rihanna-chris-brown-sit-separately-nightclub-18528314","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}