Rihanna Concert in Nice Cancelled

The Grammy Award-winner has her show canceled after the deadly attack in France.
1:51 | 07/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rihanna Concert in Nice Cancelled
Not to the concert that was cut short in the east France a rep for Rihanna has confirmed to 810 Grammy winner is safe. But her concert which was scheduled for tonight at Elian stadium in niece has been canceled. All niece's former mayor and city official Christiane intro C tweeted that Rihanna show along with the other social events. That were planned for the city tonight Friday night including a Jazz Fest. Understandably have been canceled. Rihanna is to grand this image with her condolences to the victims and their families. Her next scheduled performance. In her anti world tour is Sunday night in Frankfurt Germany. And here at home at this year's Emmy nominations are sending some ripples through the television industry. Unlike the Oscars the television academy hasn't had a problem we'll diversity among its acting nominees in fact the academy. Credited with a third year in a row of non white performers. Rallying. Earning 21 nominations across a drama comedy and limited movie categories. But once tries this year most nominations were actually shows on cable and streaming services like Netflix with HBO leading the way. With game of trapped apparently even late night took a small hit with the unexpected inclusion. Of crackle and not states meals Bill Maher and Jon Oliver. And we have some unexpected perhaps even surprise glad tidings for a rock and roll icon Emmett make jagr is reportedly expecting baby number eight. With his girlfriend funny nine year old ballerina. Melanie Hamrick so we're doing the math the 72 year old Jagger was 43 years old when his girlfriend. Was born. And he's already the father to seven children the eldest being. 45 year old folder five years old and as young as the seventeenth. At the couple's been dating for two years and split it's going to be changing diapers that the eighty.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"The Grammy Award-winner has her show canceled after the deadly attack in France.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40604374","title":"Rihanna Concert in Nice Cancelled ","url":"/WNN/video/rihanna-concert-nice-cancelled-40604374"}