Who Is Ronan's Father?

Frank Sinatra's daughter is claiming that because her father had a vasectomy, Ronan Farrow could not possibly be her half-brother.
3:28 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Who Is Ronan's Father?
All right time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this morning frets denial about who may or who may not be. The father of Ronan Farrow. We know he is the son of Mia Farrow the dead partner not so sure about he's 47 years old and yes we know is mom but. His mommy a fairly admitted to years ago that her ex husband Frank Sinatra. And not her husband at the time Woody Allen may be grown in his father many say there is a striking resemblance you. Decide for yourself. Resemblance there I think however that not for his daughter Tina Sinatra is now weighing inch. And she tells showbiz a 411 that wrote in couldn't possibly be her half brother. Because she set her father had had a vasectomy. Family business well his puts it into the moral relativism Zell the real housewife who isn't even really real behind bars right now. We're getting our first look at two recent due to ice after leaving behind the glitz and glamour for a cell at the federal lock up in Danbury Connecticut. The 42 year old convicted felon imposed in her all of green prison jumpsuit for family portrait gracing the latest cover of us weekly. Her husband gel is speaking out for the first time on his wife's new reality. Saying she's doing quite well working out three times a day going to church and that she even has a pack of friends she hangs out way up. Pack of friends and predicting. They'll look at me of the glam giving our hair and nails and cops say what prison is that he's also given to have on the homefront you can put your support from her family. As a visitor every week as Phil Jones admitting that life without threes as hardy now appreciate her more than ever. Typical guy right. He will serve out his own 41 month sentence for his fraud convictions after she is released next year I'll wound and more time apart. Well next to an epic April fools' day prank by Tom Brady love it of course in the in the pages quarterback. The guy they were upsets last week even his employers if you will when he did this people to this video you jumping off a cliff. About forty feet off this is in Costa Rica is on the film the vacation here. Wow well. Then you posted this on Facebook's Tom Brady in a full body cast at and that made a few heart stopped and his team. Also don't gored this is just a joke. Yet the captain there is that it wasn't with the cliff jump that did him in but Michael Jordan who was spotted playing a plays a pickle ball a few days ago as a video that out there. Oh Brady wrote Jordan's crossover. No joke. That is fantastic also another celebrity couple could resist playing there all able fool's day prank. Grammy winner John Legend and his wife supermodel Christie Teague and actually marrying their dogs and a scoop of legends. All of me video. I'm me. Yeah me. Are. Men are any more time this is all ahead and lettuce with up. It's a cool video. But this year's confidence but this but. This is. Pretty funny these two have good out there if they're kind of an adorable couple with a lot of ways they have a good time gap dog lovers get that I think OK I'm not a dog Witten added.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Frank Sinatra's daughter is claiming that because her father had a vasectomy, Ronan Farrow could not possibly be her half-brother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30064177","title":"Who Is Ronan's Father?","url":"/WNN/video/ronans-father-30064177"}