Royal Baby 2013: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Celebrate

ABC News' Nick Schifrin is in London where crowds celebrate the birth of their future king.
3:53 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby 2013: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Celebrate
The newest member of Britain's royal family who spent the night in the hospital along with his proud parents of course. The celebrations though they continue about the -- NN world why -- we have been talking about our coverage beginning now live in London with ABC's -- -- -- good morning -- Hey good morning John good morning Diana from a very excited London the United Kingdom has a new royal air. His royal highness the prince -- Cambridge not a small guy eight pounds six ounces the heaviest future king in a hundred years. And the emerge after ten years of labor and oh how the brits are excite. For 24 PM July the 22 the moment the future king entered the world. And the great Kate wait finally over bill -- blurted out the news fountain bubbled over in blue and a whole country celebrates by how else. Three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Save me being -- in the hot talking things campaign. Perhaps William is toasty inside the -- wing the new families inside to -- fine he released a statement saying quote we could not be happy. Earlier the official announcement was filled with pomp and tradition. -- doctor signed a paper on Buckingham Palace letterhead was driven through London with the police escort. An outside the palace it was placed on an easel not used since -- for. -- -- On Tuesday that couple may emerge from the hospital exactly as William's parents did 31 years ago. He will bring glamour to royal motherhood not seen since Diana. But unlike Diana -- we'll have her husband's full support. William has always looks back Templeton -- -- to him. He had a very special bond with his mom that -- his right tasters thought. I think he'll make great -- man and a. -- nation celebrating a historic day. And we don't know -- little fellow's name yet we do know the because he's a royal he doesn't really need a last name. The families -- received good wishes from across the pond Michelle Obama personally tweeting congratulations. Being a parent. Is the best job of all John Diana Aaron thanks so the question is with all of this reaction worldwide people going crazy over -- -- What are some things -- -- in London that you're seeing or hearing wearing -- walking the streets. But it -- not only London this is an empire here and thank you very much the queen's realms are all celebrating. In Canada we have this CN tower in Toronto one of the tallest buildings there. Bathed in blue nearby. Niagara Falls also bathed in blue I think -- -- -- a little trend here police back in London have the London high. Red white and blue a little pride for a country that usually complains about the weather the economy or frankly complains about everything. Now suddenly be mean for the new royal baby. They've had a lot of good news lately there Wimbledon winners all kinds -- good thanks nick got the eyes of the world -- -- -- -- duchess -- as a royal mother what do you think we can expect. Yeah I think came with one of the world's most photographed women now shall be one of most photographed -- mothers and I think that's a real echo of Diana Diana was hounded by the press hounded by the paparazzi she wants turned them. And Ted look as a parent I want to protect. Might children stay away from me in case. May have the same sentiment but a lot of royal watchers I talked to syndicate had a really strong family behind her shall be able retreat away from the palace to her parents place and that will mean to -- hopefully -- -- slightly thicker skin. To avoid all of the judgment that will notoriously -- the tabloids here no doubt about that picture -- -- in London thank you so much for your reports.

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{"id":19743678,"title":"Royal Baby 2013: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Celebrate","duration":"3:53","description":"ABC News' Nick Schifrin is in London where crowds celebrate the birth of their future king.","url":"/WNN/video/royal-baby-2013-duke-duchess-cambridge-celebrate-19743678","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}