Russia investigation gets Special Counsel

Former FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez offers some insight on newly selected Special Counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller.
3:55 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Russia investigation gets Special Counsel
And Muller served for twelve years as FBI director Steve Gomez ABC news interpreter and a former FBI special agent. Worked on the Mahler while stationed in Saint Louis and Los Angeles so you're unique clean qualified to talk about this man. What is he like what can we expect. He step is nails I mean this is somebody who doesn't mess around he goes right into a job. He asks hard questions he's very demanding he's very impatient. He gets right down to business and expects the agents of the investigators that are working for him. To provide him answers and results right away. So that's what I would expect from him in this investigation and he is the right person for the job at the right time. Standing given them Muller's pass is there anything you think gives you some insight on how he might conduct this investigation and wouldn't think they'll start from scratch we'll get more people has this process work. Well first of all he's gonna set goals and objectives for this investigation. Based on the parameters that have been provided to him by the deputy attorney general. And from there he is I think is overall objective is going to be to conduct the most comprehensive investigation. And to conduct this investigation as fast as possible because he recognizes that. All of America and the world is looking at the results of this investigation they are gonna expect. Answers one way or the other as to what occurred with the Russian issue. Any kind of rush involvement with the trump campaign. And then of course you know was there any kind of of obstruction of justice or influencing by the president. So he's going to want to be very thorough in what he's doing with this investigation he's gonna bring on investigators and analysts and any other experts that are going to be necessary to conduct this investigation. And he is going to move forward as quickest possible I can expect daily briefings maybe twice a day briefings that he is going to oversee. To determine how the investigation is going and what are the results that the RC and and Stephen you know we could go we have. The question Nam what was the mood inside all the field offices as well as Hoover building and he said it seemed fairly gut it is singing cop to. Some of their former colleagues what's the mood now. Well there's still reeling from the firing of a former director combing. And right now there are of course waiting for the selection of the new permanent director. And as so they're in a transition period which is always tough because you're trying to figure out who's going to be the leaders there are number names that have been kicked around. And there are interviews that are being done now so I think once the selection of the new director takes place. And dead they're able to kind of push forward with the and the new leadership. And now that you have former director Mueller in charge of this investigation I think the going to be able to continue on with the work that they do. Combating terrorism counterintelligence issues cyber and of course all the criminal. The cases that they are working on a daily basis. As Davis a shift that a lot of public attention at least onto this investigation any chance it's a distraction from those other investigations you mention. I don't think so because now that there is a special counsel who is going to be handling the investigation essentially on its own. Director Mueller. Is it gonna have his own team. And they are going to be operating separately from pretty much everybody on their own independent. Objective nonpartisan. I think everybody wants that everybody in the FBI wants that kind of investigation to be conducted so now the FBI agents even though. Andy you can't help. And noticing that there is this special counsel that's now been appointed and an investigation that's going to be done they are going to. Continue on with their specific assignments getting back to their case work focusing on that that's what they do on a daily basis that's what they loved to do and to protect America. I'm are grateful for that ABC news contributor Steve Gomez Steve thanks so much.

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{"id":47481070,"title":"Russia investigation gets Special Counsel","duration":"3:55","description":"Former FBI Special Agent Steve Gomez offers some insight on newly selected Special Counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller.","url":"/WNN/video/russia-investigation-special-counsel-47481070","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}