SAG Awards Honors 'American Hustle'

The David O. Russell film received its latest award of the season.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SAG Awards Honors 'American Hustle'
It's getting time to start with yet more award ceremonies this past weekend biggest being screen actors guild -- -- taking top billing for outstanding cast American -- That's David -- Russell's tale of -- double crosses power brokers and mafioso. Against a backdrop having. Go to man so many good movies is their right outstanding -- drama series -- in Cranston of breaking bad -- and female. Dame Maggie Smith of Downton Abbey. Outstanding ensemble in a comedy series of course to ABC's -- modern family which is -- sell many awards over the years. Secondly -- county health Canada on a roll right in many outstanding male actor to comedy series from modern family -- hilarious time around. But maybe for some of the younger actors out there watching TV I would. Just go back over my five simple steps for success. Number one be born into a family that's never had an actor and it. That way they think that everything you do is cooler than it actually is thus giving you a false sense of confidence. I think he's pretty cool I don't think -- it's a false sense at all. -- a new cast member has been welcomed in TV SNL family yeah. -- here is a -- made her debut this weekend as the first black female cast member since way back in 2007. She appears -- really and -- the ballpark. You you're embarrassing me I'm sorry my little Angeles wanted to stop -- and -- but the ladies. Not all intent and theory I don't you think that back -- all night. Talk about a lot of pressure Iraqis. I got around watching them everyone watching. -- -- really great. -- are in good firm SNL finally get on board yet -- it takes a while sometimes for people who really except the new character -- -- you know gets another savage she seemed pretty funny -- -- -- plan. Hi Dennis Rodman. Getting some help and -- long -- battle with -- former NBA star's checked himself into rehab. Rodman acknowledge that alcohol was a factor when he said an American imprisoned in North Korea may have done something to deserve his sentence he later apologized. His agent says the pressure to be a super human political fix -- during his last trip to North Korea. Got the better of Rodman the agent says people forget that Rodman is just an entertainer. And a retired NBA star known don't think I -- that that's about -- always was on nobody asked him to -- old York. -- and do all of this is once he's there are -- Kenya and how someone forgot that -- media player. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger did you see any of these -- these little preview we tell it like you've never seen him before and a little Super Bowl Sunday preview -- Anheuser-Busch has released a little teaser for their ads for the big game and you have just got to see it to believe and really strange 66 year old terminator warming up work -- ping pong ball match the Bud Light ad tags out. To hear from whatever happened whatever happened like a bad name can your -- -- -- well what ever happened in the big game. We are expecting -- to -- everyone around him drinks with some -- three million bucks he is getting paid. For -- commercial trying to imagine where they can go with this panel looks like the onboard the -- -- And I'm thinking like this you three know what his bodybuilding nemesis let -- incredible that Jack. She didn't come out on the other side into the I don't know what. I -- two years -- is there -- glimpse now of the first lady's top secret fiftieth birthday passed through the eyes of none other then fiance and dampen. Performing single ladies and other hits for the first family -- released a series of pictures from the festivities. Including this adorable shot of her cozying up to first. Dog that claim you are never too young to party is -- -- walking to the white house with. Two year old Blue -- -- just like mom I'll die hold up in a white chiffon frock.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The David O. Russell film received its latest award of the season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21595004","title":"SAG Awards Honors 'American Hustle'","url":"/WNN/video/sag-awards-honors-american-hustle-21595004"}