San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel Features Life-Size Gingerbread House

The house has two floors and is made with more than two tons of candy.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel Features Life-Size Gingerbread House
-- in the -- in the holiday spirit. I am all right let's to a Christmas -- -- -- -- story clear if this is not the first gingerbread house we've shown you will simply not be the last but it might be the coolest check this out this is in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel. -- grand hotel in San Francisco have you ever been there but anyway this. Is a really beautiful beautiful little life size gingerbread house it's at the hotel constructed with 7500. Gingerbread -- 16100 pounds of -- -- nearly two tons of candy. It's walked you can walk through it has two -- -- It's it's really quite amazing about 23 feet wide 22 feet high stuck together entirely with icing do. -- the balcony arched windows Kenny came columns and not San Francisco's. Victorian era architecture according house dot com -- the culinary team at that hotel 600 hours to mix and bake and cool just the gingerbread. Before assembling that same market out there they gingerbread -- since January adding don't do it right. It is this candy -- missing from and every year we're do this and it's usually you would think it's the kids were always an adult -- -- -- little. Well home or already in -- now how. Reinforced that they was only acting -- festive -- you can't feel -- -- yeah this incumbent -- ago that you how many embryos that -- hello -- I get to check this -- we are in the holiday spirit and what is a holiday spirit without a couple of Santa sightings obviously where there -- -- brand new -- out there it's called the Santa spy cam. And it's -- way it works as you upload a video of your home and what is then brought back to you through this Abbott is expansion delve. And his reindeer all right being kind there he is here's one kind of beloved that you can upload your photos show it to your kids -- supposed to -- Would be while others sleep being so they don't know this is happening check this out a couple of -- arrive until the little boy is bad he obviously didn't know when this happened to show the certificate they say it like -- got me -- and how. Obviously this can happen throughout the holiday season and then once Christmas -- you can -- the big Santa site on the. -- almost ready for this your -- I can't -- Canada. Our rights and -- fun facts is really cool professional economists. And scientist got together and figured out. How many people in the world how many kids and each home -- -- -- -- confrontations some won't blow your mind does Santa will deliver. 21. Point six million children. 5556. Homes per second -- Our whole all off -- -- -- union met homeowners like -- he has like 37 hours because of the way the daylight goes beyond 150 billion calories at Christmas cookies so -- -- you say thank you. Normally I. No one point five million miles. Wrapping paper and and it's just amazing because of a different time zones in the rotation of the European starting two hours not -- -- -- -- work.

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{"id":21189102,"title":"San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel Features Life-Size Gingerbread House","duration":"3:00","description":"The house has two floors and is made with more than two tons of candy.","url":"/WNN/video/san-franciscos-fairmont-hotel-features-life-size-gingerbread-21189102","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}