Sandra Bullock Is the People's Choice

"Gravity" star Sandra Bullock takes home four trophies at People's Choice Awards.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for Sandra Bullock Is the People's Choice
Welcome back everyone this is round one of the skinny -- got a bonus round coming up. Let's get right to it the People's Choice Awards very very big awards coming up and guess who was one of the big winners of the people's choice words can you guess do tell. Sandra Malek. And you saw gravity is I didn't really I saw -- recently she was fantastic in that movie totally not like other roles that she's done in the past. That's her accepting the award she was one of the big winners taking -- four awards including favorite movie actress. Along with George Clooney starring movie gravity. Fans cast more than 700 million votes to pick the winners. And obviously -- Sandra Bullock very very gracefully accepting discipline. And I think is very interesting -- the favorite pop artist. Was Britney Spears this year and this is actually her first. People's Choice Awards watcher bona Vista but one by one -- notre won't go here you have a Jennifer Lawrence moment -- -- So this is where her first people's choice award which I think is interesting she's been out there for however many years and she -- at this time around and then best daytime talk show host went to the always hilarious Ellen DeGeneres. Some -- I'd -- sit down but you are already sitting down thank you so much. If anyone told me I was gonna win fourteen. People's Choice Awards site. Coming twelve ES thirteen may be but fourteen. I was talking to this lovely African American woman and -- -- she -- single and she works eighty hours a week. To get by and she looks forward to coming home every single night and watching me. And that woman's name is Oprah Winfrey and I think. I am doing something right. Hard hard to not like -- Parties not to do funny all right so what do you do after the People's Choice Awards when you do -- Justin Timberlake does and you make a run for the border ladies and gentlemen. How to make a run for Taco Bell Justin Timberlake after the awards guess what he decides he's got the munchies makes a run to talk about actually snaps a photo there is. -- -- is that for the Taco Bell wondering why on earth is Justin Timberlake come to talk about the People's Choice Awards but that's just how he has. Can you imagine being those workers and JT locks and and I thought that's -- -- also has crews are bringing out of this picture of Miley Cyrus like you've probably never seen her before with her tongue and not working and small sad. Does it look like -- it really doesn't so this is an ad for Marc Jacobs spring campaign. And again much different look for Miley and we don't recognize or with the -- on. I just who -- -- -- -- -- showing off those moves with those. -- your little hype is still works around like some problems like a swing in thing I don't know just -- and where there's and I like you promised to torque. It's sort it out to desperation OK right now. Welcome back everyone skinny round -- yeah. Because there's so much going on we couldn't fit it into one side. Here's here's here's the next thing when -- -- but this goes in the category of how cool would this be if it happened to you. So beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z they're out in a Miami karaoke -- doing their thing partying all night. And it's not just then they're better at they had karaoke bar. It's also Destiny's Child alumni Kelly Rowland Michelle Williams Timberland is also their they're doing there are things they're doing their own thing you know -- the party. Beyoncé. -- a group of girls singing -- songs and karaoke room next or so what does she do you know she goes into the room next door and she starts singing with the girls. Who -- singing her song the girls -- See how much they are for re seeing powerful dancing girls actually first and even realize -- -- beyoncé took him a couple of -- to realize it so they wound up singing karaoke with. -- this famous musicians famous star beyoncé. What goes even pass that I think that's overlook anyone who -- I -- -- The bears -- how bad you sound compared to beyoncé when you're out says an automated -- -- joining in the U pretty good health and -- have -- that that is cost them. Okay what -- -- this picture now we just have to like. Get -- -- -- Christie Brinkley. Fifty. Years old and she is at rock and a bikini polite no one else -- in -- The pool safety nine years old -- and I haven't even know photo shopping that's her -- -- they were on vacation and and a lot of people feeling pretty envious that she is still look at that -- I don't mind if we just -- that's an awful lot until -- I'm okay with that but for all the ladies out there is this man in the world parents. George Clooney you know I'm talking about the guy who started -- and then ocean's thirteen and eleven and twelve and whatever the numbers that are. George Clooney whenever -- -- you can get -- -- George Clooney for just ten dollars ladies and gentlemen. You know he's very active in his cause and not promoting peace in this Sudan. Where there's a charity called the satellite sentinel project which does a lot of work comedians peace between south Sudan and regular Sudan. You pay ten bucks as a donation OK if you win you get a date with George Clooney. Not only -- get a date you -- to hit the red carpet with him. For his film that's coming out you get to talk with -- about life didn't just. -- VIP Hollywood movie star treatment. Yeah not bad for just ten dollars I'm getting my wallet out ten bucks -- --

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{"id":21472277,"title":"Sandra Bullock Is the People's Choice","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Gravity\" star Sandra Bullock takes home four trophies at People's Choice Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/sandra-bullock-peoples-choice-21472277","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}