Scandalous New Super Bowl Ad

Carl's Jr. releases a racy new Super Bowl ad starring a nearly nude model.
4:02 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Scandalous New Super Bowl Ad
The kids off his eight Super Bowl commercial meant to me but a lot worse hungry but it. Content and with. Okay hair maybe for the guys. In the commercial certainly take a look at this Carl's junior features a supermodel. Dubbed the next key Upton. That's Cheryl T McKinney. Apparently dropped out of school when she was seventeen to two kids bullying her or her looks. Looks like. The move may have paid off. This actually run for regions in the western half coming US on Super Bowl Sunday but thanks to Carl's junior and the media like us. The eastern half of the country will not be deprived on. Their latest innuendo filled creation. Well all right. I think get hungry eating that rewind isn't the only the you forget that it's Allianz about over its about a restaurant. They make you went on to the facts aren't being given. Terror has the jacket believed that some doors permanently. But that was his murder so high they're advertising works so far writers are getting on really today. Jack yeah. Because she actually we'll introduce you to Jack wondered could the will be an accident. I don't stay with those who moved away here. For the big game without a little betting belong to super and their own right have put money. Where there tweets are yet Chris Evans Chris Pratt they played Captain America and the star lord in their respective marvel films. They were better on Twitter ever it is a patriots fan Evans is. And practice Seahawks fan and that there's some ribbing they've made a wager frets that the terms saying if his team loses Captain America have to fly himself. To the Seattle Children's Hospital in character and waved the twelfth man flag in deference to the Seattle Seahawks and. Tenant accepted encounter with hadn't visit pediatric cancer patients in his hometown of Boston wearing and tong raining Jersey. Pat finally responded with a topical dating saying and should talk to rainy about the deflating his expectations. Cool belts. This is finding good back and forth but but they did have a good cause they're gonna bones in his. They'll probably end up both going to the children. Hospital it was a school that they could block the showing that she's been able to turn things around herself and appears Atlanta moment. Has been done to work in the hands teams are reporting that 28 year old actress has been hospitalized in London after contracting ticking going out a rare and incurable virus. It barely had picked it up. While in Bora Bora over the holidays she was there shooting a commercial doing a bit of vacation with your first experience the symptoms which include fever and severe join pain. Lohan had moved to London to start a Winston plane has. Citi's she does not want to let Melanie again. Minnesota Jennifer Lopez now she's been out promoting her new film the boy next door she reveals some interesting information here though. We now know what it's like it has a very famous man. On The Daily Show the other night the conversation turned how many mentions how to kiss on screen. Jill was polite but did that size say some more guidance so we're not in the Jon Stewart when Darren asked. Who was the worst and ended up jumping in with his own cast. That I who I think it is typical. I think it's clone. OK he's. Do you know I all right. Can you can ask is black and he sang. Not his thing. In your face. Ali George Clooney just okay come on. What movie where they had the other hit him I was sites wasn't what she was like in the back of the truck and one playing who. Think it's just that the truth I am I assume that's seen April chunk of excellence but they were kissing in that poll gap out of sight. The French Open this weekend. There it is folks will be right back.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Carl's Jr. releases a racy new Super Bowl ad starring a nearly nude model. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28397298","title":"Scandalous New Super Bowl Ad ","url":"/WNN/video/scandalous-super-bowl-ad-28397298"}