Search Magnitude for Missing Jet Is Increasing, Australian PM Says

Prime Minister Tony Abbott vows to solve the flight mystery if it is "solvable."
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search Magnitude for Missing Jet Is Increasing, Australian PM Says
-- -- hope this half hour and a growing sense of urgency. In search for that Malaysia airlines flight 370 Australian search crews have dropped a GPS -- -- into the water try to track down for orange objects that was spotted from a plane floating in the ocean. But that's search -- lines in -- shipping lane that's often littered with see trash. -- -- Batiste has the latest from Perth Australia. It's been 23 days since like 37 he went missing and still -- parts of the plane have been found and no answers. Right now there are hundred people on the air and a thousand -- that -- all looking for any new debris. As the search for the missing Malaysia airlines plane enters its fourth week. Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said in a press conference today but the momentum and magnitude of the search is increasing. If these mystery is solvable. We will solve those ten aircraft and ten ships are involved in today's mission. While there have been multiple objects cited in the search area over the past few days nine have been confirmed to be from flight 370. Until surface ships are able to retrieve the orange objects or any new -- spotted today we won't know if any of them are from the missing plane. Locating pieces of the aircraft is crucial to finding the two black boxes and they likely hold clues that would help solve the mystery of what went wrong. Today this huge Australian vessel the ocean shield built for the roughest of seas will -- -- look for the plane's data recorders. It's been equipped with US navy's -- low hitters that will search underwater. But it will take the ocean shield three or four days just to reach the search area. Once we get it detection from this finger we would put the autonomous underwater vehicle in the water. To conduct a side scanned to map the debris field. The vessel is also carrying on board a submersible robot to be used to -- any underwater wreckage they find and plan how best to salvage it. The prime minister said this morning that morale here among the search teams is still high and they won't give up. But pressure is on time is critical and the batteries in those two black boxes will last only about a week they keep Batiste ABC news Perth Australia.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Prime Minister Tony Abbott vows to solve the flight mystery if it is \"solvable.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23124324","title":"Search Magnitude for Missing Jet Is Increasing, Australian PM Says","url":"/WNN/video/search-magnitude-for-missing-jet-increasing-australian-pm-says-23124324"}