Selena Gomez Preaches Empowerment

Selena Gomez says you can be sexy while being classy.
3:46 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Selena Gomez Preaches Empowerment
-- the breath of fresh air Selena Gomez and Philadelphia. During her tour but. We've seen so much bad behavior these days -- -- I don't know what the word is but risque. Dubious outfits on yeah. Young pop stars pop star star Miley comes to mind -- Well she during the concert talks about her transitioning going from a kid to it did to a woman. And she tells everybody in the audience the young women who like her so much that you actually don't have to be trashy and you can be classy let's -- -- I hated it. -- -- -- -- -- -- You. Sexiest thing is class. All right. I'm an issue so it's been a little bit of a class on the -- -- signing there it's people like Miley but it's really been that. -- -- every girl out there who doesn't want to show every -- out. There now when Howard she wasn't preaching and she wasn't Payton should just basically saying hey you know as the -- daily carried -- well. -- -- -- -- -- They're pressing to miss you guessed it ended Monday the last opera the -- -- since graduating. Happens. So now we have more details and show you -- shares of cars venerable rock is the -- fifteen carat rock. That he proposed it gave few details on how he did it he rented out -- Francisco's AT&T park earnings kind of kind of show you little slide show from instant and that they've posted. And her nearest and dearest are all gathered there this is -- her 33 birthday and they all watched. As he got down on one -- and the Jumbotron. Showed up saying means marrying me. With extra. And gotten I don't believe it. So there you have it while baby mama and baby daddy. Talking and -- today about that rockets these days about the size of the chicklet the -- exercise of his bubble bubble -- -- -- -- nonetheless it's closer to a lot of bubbling up it is them all learn and then the -- she got from Chris Humphries plan. Man you know kind of get to the carrier ring -- all he can get his -- Kazaa and Israel but it is they have Chris come for. Goodness I'm just talk about the reports yes of course -- -- go. Up but I believe that -- but you are not filthy mind. All right here we go speaking -- filthy minds yet. Betty White. Gotta love -- She gets out of wrecking ball and a new genre to parity Miley Cyrus and yet let let let's watches -- lifetime show off their rockers knew he -- I just some ideas from recent pop culture it is that really got the kids talking. Point 21 premiere flipped him. It's not yeah pretty SA. Anyone results -- -- sleds. Did the wrecking ball I -- -- anger that -- and the foam finger on. That show is -- areas we get a handle watching it is just great food and take that they -- it's great -- OK so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't say is teleport Tumblr page to show off her sexy body that you saw her panic they -- turns -- to Manning says no real story here just like that she's gorgeous and -- -- -- --

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{"id":20654196,"title":"Selena Gomez Preaches Empowerment","duration":"3:46","description":"Selena Gomez says you can be sexy while being classy.","url":"/WNN/video/selena-gomez-preaches-empowerment-20654196","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}