Sewing for a cause

Meet the 11-year-old who makes blankets for kids going through tough times. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to the amazing kid who founded “Lucy's Love Blankets.”
3:05 | 08/03/20

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Transcript for Sewing for a cause
They see gold explain yeah. So I would turn and I love it. Lucy Blalock is an eleven year old from a small town in Tennessee making a world of difference for kids all over the globe Lucy selling homemade blankets for -- those who could really use them. The idea coming to her at just eight years old after gifting her friends blankets for their birthdays. I can be her. Sinner in the union are you're gonna he needs me actually. Similar ads non EU it will eat. Looms yeah. The family received sixteen nominations accurate. She was an honor not. Are all women. Three years in more than 500 blankets later Lucy still says yes to every single nomination comes aimed. A lot of kids. Singing he can't. Our justice needs. Already turning sooner rough patch Lucy taking the time to understand each child's situation. And getting to know them a little bit better known and ammonia. Somewhat there. Yeah. Well I kindness just brought some place. Like we're not. Sound and loves it asks you can see and he isn't Atlanta police and it even. Lucy stitches a heart into each one of her blankets with her name and it site at the concert signature. Loose he's looked blankets as they come to be called. Have now been sent to fifteen different countries and have brought comfort to sell many families what does it mean we choose see your daughter so much Brian Allen. In this. In east new period. Crowd apparently it costs may seem very calm thorough per person me. The content changing the world one stitch at a time. And these past few months selling masks for those who need them what. Is your right she you you're here is blue. Want to make it since I don't know. Any in Edmonds an eye on. Saturday having our needs not its use. Yeah engineer. Kindness always matters I love about white's words in sets. I Yung that person in order to keep up with all the requests that they get. Lucy and her family are always in need of donations of money your extra fabric you can find out how to help on Lucy's love blankets on FaceBook and it's going to be guys. Such a wise little girl only eleven years old and charity knows the impact that she has. Inspiring others as well kids are really the MVP is good are endemic well thank you so much for that. Yeah well mentioned there that they need some help some material some money from Barnes guess what I'm pretty sure they're gonna get it. She wants you.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Meet the 11-year-old who makes blankets for kids going through tough times. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to the amazing kid who founded “Lucy's Love Blankets.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72143018","title":"Sewing for a cause","url":"/WNN/video/sewing--72143018"}