New Shipwreck Discovery Reveals 340-Year-Old Tin Can of Cheese

The smelly substance is the latest treasure to be recovered from the sunken Swedish vessel "Kronan."
2:56 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for New Shipwreck Discovery Reveals 340-Year-Old Tin Can of Cheese
All right so here in New York there's this flower called a corpse flower that is about to bloom insists Millie as flower in the world that stinks likes a court like a quirk. And in an unrelated event. This is probably what it. This province Mount Pleasant like that this we're looking at is she's. That is 340. Years old and I discovered in a shipwreck. Off the coast of Sweden. And that apparently gave this is discovered and one of the last dive to be dead it is a role for. So I don't typically age. I mean Iraq hurt. And yes. Iraqi court after a rocky Ford she's. Circuits that they and it even more disgusting and he knows that the shells pretty bad Jack what is that smell elective out mountain half points. Angela the next story is that I want to act to say anymore discussing whether. Consider getting a dog out with that comes with a lot of responsibilities. And one net. Dad who was considering after his family want to make sure that the family knew that they were getting themselves into and that he was very clear on how he wanted to. Play a role in all of a consortium he laid out a thirteen term contract. Very clearly that the pilot that every death that it never that they got Doug group vote ever. It's brilliant the dog does not shed it all the dog is not clobber have a runny nose all parties agree that those kind of doubt the growth and good conduct did not expect the board that does not care how this is prevented this is lobbying. Contract surgically removed from feet what ever. Nick dot often violent unrestricted veto power over the dot name he says a path. Well that's important he did put an addendum on the boats later on to update people saying they did get a dog everyone including dad loves the dog and but he's not a. Member of the families in addition to the family says that that Indians and the kids signed away so I guess is that other veteran of the bargain he says not so cap from dogs a cat this little cat. Here used up one of its nine lives looked you straight to you think so guess what this cat survived a cycle in the washing machine. Our hope is wow did note that might look so clean the exactly Bobby likes to climb the washing machine unfortunately one day. You know the door shut on M. And he survived an entire cycle 140 degree cycle they went with the the hot wash out at a night live if you gave up I don't want I think all of the but it's at least claim. And up from Catholics that the animal theme meet current view that kerik that I'm like that's it very noble and yet benefit. I think don't admit bound. Like this guy playing it. That he swallowed something or doesn't have come back to that she's expected to.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The smelly substance is the latest treasure to be recovered from the sunken Swedish vessel \"Kronan.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40953834","title":"New Shipwreck Discovery Reveals 340-Year-Old Tin Can of Cheese","url":"/WNN/video/shipwreck-discovery-reveals-340-year-tin-cheese-40953834"}