Can Shorter Names Mean Higher Salaries?

A job service website says people with shorter first names can potentially earn more money.
2:52 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Can Shorter Names Mean Higher Salaries?
Welcome to the make everyone basically an expectant mom or dad and you know that these days people obsess about the names of they're gonna give their kids absolutely. And maybe not just these days I think in general people kind of -- about the -- -- night Kennedy can predict their future a little bit. Well now -- can also predict how much they aren't apparently the accident I don't know I believe the study but there's a whole lot of evidence here. The latter's into the web site. Decided to do a little research and they found the shorter your name the more you will -- they created a little graphic every day. Than just names with the highest paying jobs Thom Robb dale -- wave that's for what for men. For women it -- a little bit of credibility and you'll hear why. The -- shortening caddie Dana short name's Melissa and Christine on this -- also apparently made -- right not so -- names. So it make. Also every extra letter that the person had. Attached to their name they earned 3600. Dollars the last. Annual data -- straight face it really isn't -- and hate and that would be you know variations of name's Debra Debra spelled differently or Michelle Michelle bill -- -- but it may have been -- -- less letters. Will be built -- -- of letters in the word even if it's the same may in the also earned more money the only caveat here Larry -- Warren. Apparently Lawrence Laurie yeah. Yeah take his name is in decades or so like regal everybody's Harrison and Luxembourg and -- thanks sort of hold this distinguished and well kept pretty lawless horn. -- make any doubt -- -- getting. Are throughout that -- struck out a little bit more expectant mom. 105 year old woman bless her heart -- Cantrell and -- Richland springs Texas for secret to staying at an arc. -- naked -- on every day apparently she. It's vacant until anyway if people optimize network business of the Wiener mobile out there -- She -- everybody. How they'll figure fell -- back. -- and for breakfast tomorrow they get buried out. Parents and taking money and other kids he thinks -- -- -- -- but I put back. That's not bad thanks also taking money out of their child savings account not cool not cool 36% say they needed to big -- 12% family vacation 18% for birthday present which means they're getting it right back to their kids that makes absolutely no -- if you ask me. Essentially it means the recession is still happening and it really does suck if you take money out of your kids count and that's not all speaking give -- backing that -- If you this is that part that's really not -- -- got to pay the mortgage 51% of people say they don't feel bad. We talk about -- every now and then like the delivery guys here and -- catalog of the Alaska pageant back but I do put back.

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{"id":19140582,"title":"Can Shorter Names Mean Higher Salaries?","duration":"2:52","description":"A job service website says people with shorter first names can potentially earn more money.","url":"/WNN/video/shorter-names-higher-salaries-19140582","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}