Showing the Christmas Spirit

A viral photo of a police officer purchasing shoes for a homeless person shows true charity.
2:56 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Showing the Christmas Spirit
And welcome to the -- everybody -- it's the holiday season never does worry about what what can you gave me but it's nice to see stories of -- true. -- drop the and and people just thinking outside of themselves we want to show you this photo that's kind of gone viral and it's -- -- police officer. Putting some some boots on a homeless man right outside of Times Square this this officer's name is Lawrence Dupree but had no idea. That -- tourists from Arizona was taking this photo she then posted it. I'm the near death police department's official FaceBook page it's not been announced in late on Tuesday. By Wednesday it had been viewed one point six million times nearly 275000. -- so this officer came upon a homeless man disappeared for a second and then came back. With a pair of boots he went into any area shoe store. And the officer says that he has kept every seat. Forest every five dollars in his best consented to remind him that sometimes people have. -- -- While I love that story -- and -- death -- -- and he seems Jim as Tommy here from home didn't snow command and all that so well well done -- New York's finest to say the least. And on a completely different and far less classy -- topic -- take a look at this 6400. Dollar toilet. This -- would this about -- it. That hasn't integrated but day -- automatic seat and leave -- razor. Bill didn't seat warmer end foot warmer built -- music player and FM radio -- you can. Do you can. The and relationships and had a whole -- you drop all the kids in the pool with class digging these. After a mere 54. Club and yeah that's what they're loaded down with company capital into -- Actually -- that in magazines like this is cool and I liked -- yes -- -- packet is sent to the 400 I thought it. An air freshener that could happen. That's his matches are suddenly effective. If you get -- -- Atlantis began. This is a story for you there's that we actually one of our. Find folks here on the W and step -- this magazine. And it we're gonna show you a couple of pictures that are about to begin themed items that she could get four -- bacon lover. -- your life you get -- taken -- Yes the debate about -- I won't get had -- ornament for the tree you can. Deck the halls with lots of vacant. And I can also he -- flavored toothpaste. Yes -- -- that they can cousy you can get -- hearings. You couldn't get and -- in shaving cream and bacon shirts bacon bacon bacon. Not -- I love it. And real -- -- this isn't new magazine out the best looking at worst looking cities in the country best looking number one with. Miami congratulation is and the bottom sorry Anchorage Alaska school.

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{"id":17835684,"title":"Showing the Christmas Spirit","duration":"2:56","description":"A viral photo of a police officer purchasing shoes for a homeless person shows true charity.","url":"/WNN/video/showing-christmas-spirit-17835684","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}